Saturday, 22 April 2017

what a diwali it was


since yesterday, wondering what to write for 111, should i write at all. will anything do justice. horizon, i am with you in that marvelling at the level of detail in these episodes. 

so much craft and such care. every frame, every edit, every expression, the whole thing in such wonderful flow, conveying layer upon layer of meaning. each viewing something stands out as your body registers it first, some part goes warm, breath catches a bit. you say huh and rewind and again it happens. last two viewings the word satyr in my head. that ear defined right beside an eye riveted, blue tinged with red, dark dark hair and a complete sensuality without a single mental/rational note in it.

and then again, the man turning back, the beginning of the conscious letting go of thought maybe, just feeling, just instinct, what made him turn back, did that little turning away of hers make him want to savour a chase, and conquer, or was it just her long gaze on him as he put on that payal, that inflamed his body with its intimate lingering over him. that long time stilling look at her, says you're beautiful, are you real, i just want you, draws her to him with his eyes, a bit of tenderness there though, as though he knows she's untouched precious and he is just helpless before her. who is the conqueror really and who the conquest.

i could go on. how she writhes in anticipation, the good girl forgetting everything, just wanting those lips she's looked at many times before to do what she fears they might, wants that they will.

this was the first time though that i did feel, there was no need for that song, jadoo hai nasha hai. just the soundtrack that was on with hints of wind and silences pregnant with rampant desire would have been enough. i watched with audio mute, and again felt the draw, my ears beginning to flame, breath erratic.

if you think about it a whole range of cliches: two gorgeous young people, a woman in red, night, pool side, attraction, opposites... oh it's all been done before... but never ever quite like this. fascinating understanding of a moment in an episode that was all about "nahin understand."

this scene does deserve an award of some sort. a recognition.



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