Sunday, 23 April 2017

on looking at 122 again

something told him, it had to be her. who else.

and she did get caught. he wished he could...
he was ready to scream his head off, but h, they were not talking to each other. he had set the condition.

poor laad governor. 

and jhalli realised of course, what tripped him up. and jhalli couldn't stop the smile from sparking her eyes.

he threw a nice little tant. whacked the pillar, looked incredibly incredible and walked off.

gahahahhahhhha, he could sense she was laughing at him.

so he turned around with that deadly look, i have a feeling one part of him could never quite process the craziness of her actions. not in his wildest could he imagine doing such things, or in fact, any adult doing such things.

and she adjusted her features, trying hard not to let rakshas see she was guffawing at his predicament. his defeat. the laad governor wasn't speaking to her, so... how could he yell and shout. even though he knew who was creating the racket while he did tycoonishly imp stuff.

and khussie bitiya of course couldn't let that mean chappie be. she had to get after him. oh, the complications of lau. and the sublime take on it by one tv serial.

look at these two... when episode started could i have ever imagined, we'd be going here soon?

or here?

and before you know it... here?

this intuitive, elegant writing about a relationship between two people... who were the way they were. this understanding of asr kkg's specific romance. this crazy graph of now irritated, angry, exasperated, now melting, needing, reaching. unimaginably powerful it was, and of course barun and sanaya just cracked it so sharp, you almost wept every time, even as you wanted to laugh with a peculiar joy.

the mix of emotions being tapped to reach the viewer was not unusual though. this being a soap, every episode had to have its prescribed balance of laughter, sadness, passion, humour, drama, villainy, etc., almost all serials have it. but ipk always mixed the potion so you would be left gasping slightly, positive seeing stars.

episode 122 the khanak of you
episode 122 design notes

i have lost count of the number of times i have watched 122 and many others. every time even now, and it's been almost five years since ipk ended, i see new things. thrilling things. and how my fingers itch to make caps, make edits. classic really this show and the feelings it brings about.


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