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episode 305 the incurable malady of sanka and gussa

khushi kumari gupta singh raizada has left her husband. he doesn't know that. yet he senses something is not quite as it should be. and he keeps coming back for all sorts of excuses to her bua ji's house.

arnav singh raizada may not have figured out exactly what the game was, but his wife knows what she is doing. she knows she has left the man she loves, the man for whom she will fall to any "hadd" if need be, but over whom what her "huq" is she hasn't yet understood. she knows in a few days' time, it will all be over. and while this is a decision she has taken, her reaction to it is the only thing it can be. she is in a state of extreme sanka.

when things go terribly wrong in khushi's life, her refuge is a nutty, loopy, faintly hysterical sanka. it's part of innate nature. and it has its uses, it's not a mere ornament.

the entire episode wore the key traits of the two protagonists i thought. sanka and gussa.

in the beginning sanka reined. then came gussa. in the middle somewhere pyaar walked up with a  little swagger and stole a kiss.

"yeh arnav singh raizada toh haath dhoke hamare peechhe pade hain!"
loose translation, this asr is after me, impossible to shake off.
i enjoyed the episode. though it made no sense story wise, and i was as perplexed as the good doctor. when it first aired, i seriously thought, khushi's nanhi si jaan/little child, kharrate/snores, and shoshan/exploitation filled story was a clever way chosen by writers to hint at the back story, of asr's parents life, woh aurat, etc., maybe shyam's childhood was enmeshed in it too. there was mention of an unmarried daughter in bombay and akash went to that very city, i thought something would happen there.

then there was mami ji talking to her ma in law about a "bwoay phrend" and a "repeat telecasht," i was pretty sure everything came together and connected.

but none of that happened. the tale had an inherent bimari/ailment... and it's name wasn't arnav singh raizada. it was possibly trp or channel or a bored producer. definitely very unfocused writers. and the problem was of considerable proportion, lying prone, hoping the viewer had had slipped off to dreamland and wouldn't notice the gaps and misses.

the poor doctor certainly couldn't cure the ailment, no matter how many vitamins in prescribed. 

it was clear, that the brief for this episode was lightness and humour. and really they had the finest set of actors to deliver that. even the doctor was adept at doing comedy. sanaya was great and so was bua ji. of course, barun mixed love and irritation and the comic twist along with sheer sexiness gorgeously.

"aap inhen yahan kyun lekar aaye?"

why have you got the doctor here?"tumhare saath hide and seek khelne ke liye."

to play hide and seek with you.

dialogue writers were in form... shoshan. how did they even come to that word, of course, when barun said it with his eyebrow sliiightly raised and lips in a funny moue, i had to have a heart attack, especially, since he was radiating some major ire right below the funny.

apparently the tragic tale of bua ji could be heard in every resounding, reverberating snore of hers. sanaya was wrapping sanka with her extreme irritation with the man who just wouldn't go away... maybe khushi would have found it easier to walk out if she didn't see her laad governor... the bada sa laad governor at that... all the time. but that was not to be...

so she asked the doctor to prescribe a reprieve from the man who doesn't let her come here to her bua ji's place. the doctor said he'd do that, but later went and told his client exactly what the diagnosis was. and of course, the man in brown came storming back.

speaking of brown... and pink. this combination, especially with that intensity and hue of pink really is not pretty, is it. certainly not sophisticated or sexy. yet when barun and sanaya do the merry dance of nafrat pyaar of asr and khushi in those colours, i can't think, i can't rationalise, i just stare and feel funny stuff... not at all of the comic kind.

"enough, khushi! yeh kya natak kar rahi ho tum!"

enough, khushi! what's all this drama you're doing!

"natak?!! hum natak kar rahe hain?!!!"

"drama?!! i'm doing drama?!!!"

"le' it be... come, doctor."

by 305, ipk has started relying heavily on the chemistry of two actors to keep audiences glued. there is no real plot or flow to narrative. everything feels ad hoc and piecemeal. now suddenly bua ji's rent is dragged in and we shall see some fabulous asr khushi interaction over that. but really... what was all that asr becoming landlord and stuff all about... a sense of disarray in the background, of people scrambling for ideas, desperately truying to keep things going.

no point in talking about all that really.

instead, these two. how terribly asr is this man. and oh that need to stalk his wife the moment they are alone. he has not forgotten he has been nasty as hell to her and it's his mission to get her back. i liked that asr-ish way of "apologising" if you will, a bit of "winning" and "deal" in it... but what the man is essentially saying is that he can't live without her. that is sort of beautiful.

there is an overwhelming sense of loving in their little skirmishes and play. she won't give him the prescription, he snatches it away. she lunges forward to grab it, the whole feeling of the moment changes... it's sexual, man woman all of a sudden. what does he want, what must she do to get that paper... he says she knows what she must do.

yes, she does... she knows.

knowledge of each other without anything having to be said.

isn't that sexy? isn't that intimacy? isn't that love.

she is almost sucked into the sensuality, but she fights off the attraction and pretends she is really doing it for that piece of paper. she thinks she has won.
till he does what he has to and lets her know coolly what she knows perhaps anyway and fears yet thrills to... her bada sa laad governor never loses a challenge.

having had the last say, our man leaves. 

a complete utter love making has happened right here in bua ji's pink walled drawing room... and a girl trying hard to deny everything, can't not feel the elation her man, her lover's touch sets off. she has to smile.


and then right at the end, her love making... right before her bua ji's eyes she yanks her man off to her room and raves and rants. mrs laad governor in action. does she even realise how much "huq" she shows, has she any idea how much that says about how much he means to her?
(this time round i did not let the double who is nothing like barun bother me... there was too much beauty later to quibble over this.)the writers were not allowed to tell us why she was mad at him... that it was his unthinking words re shyam that had hurt her beyond measure so she was doing what a lover does... being angry as hell as was her right. instead all got muddled in mad story making.

but the body language said everything.

there was a helplessness almost in asr's eyes as she pushed him about the rent, he knew he was missing something, she had lied about her aunt's illness. why? he knew she was not telling him something. something key... he could sense it. there was an angst between them... a very lover like, red, fiery angst.

and when he finally whirled on her and pushed her back against the door yelling about her being his wife and her aunt having a certain place in his life... oh the love and throbbing need in the air... in her eyes... in his.

i also notice more and more, especially while watching episodes ad hoc, randomly. most times it doesn't feel as though barun is acting... and when barun and sanaya are together, neither seem to be acting at all... it is that... as is. a man called arnav singh raizada and his batty wife khushi who has left him and really it doesn't matter the story makes no sense.

Big smile

got to phangurl.

this at 2:12... whoever looks so hot just sitting at the steering wheel of a car, that too a basic boring car? definitely the idea was to make the viewer fall flat and go straight to dreamland and stay that way till the end of episode... bua ji was a metaphor for us. teehee.

it's a miracle that i ever recovered after this.

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