Sunday, 21 February 2016

episode 312 incomplete baatein

why didn't she tell nani about di... and why is she talking aloud in this heavy sort of way? khushi is not feeling like herself somehow... a saviour angle is clearly in. the achhi bahu syndrome has come and attacked the writing and the character. can anyone save her? even arnav ji need not be told, instead lots of managing of laad governor.

he of course yelled. which was good.
the impatient man in kurta most itchy at least feels like someone i know. earlier, hp got it again... "maine kaha tha na tumse bulane ke liye"... didn't i tell you to call her. obviously time killing is going on... poor writers how they suffer.

when he sees her at last, he snaps, "khushi... what the hell! kahan thi tum??" where were you?

she tried to mollify him with some so called humour.

"apni yeh stoopid jokes bandh karo," stop cracking these stoopid jokes of yours. ah, the first stoopid of the episode. let's celebrate. thing is, our delhi boy says stoopid exactly the way i do, and for me, that was the word of this episode.

"aur kamre mein chalo. now!" and come to the room. now! okay, i would understand if khushi's knees buckled at that. 

the sequence in the dark is what i liked the most this episode. i always enjoy their scenes in the dark. they seem to touch spaces not reachable in bright light. in 64 when the power went as he walked in and he stormed to the kitchen, a glittering in the quality of those scenes, later at diwali, later still, the nights of gh, then hut, 

i wondered though why the opening on this dark scene. perhaps it was because writers knew what was to come was not quite asr khushi, so they wanted a few moments that were them.

"careful!" he yelled, of course she would have dashed against something.

then he teased in that possessive sort of way, even when the lights are on, is her dimag ki batti? then he complained about nk's stoopid idea...

his sis apparently had already been won over by the jewellery he got her, this "stoopid idea" say softly oh softly yet as i die... this "stoopid surprise" all that was unnecessary.

they fight like kids. nice... are they both so relieved to be back here in this room together that a lightness must bounce about, out of control. 

yet, the scene doesn't get all the way to the beauty it might have reached, because where they had left off at 310... needed some talk, some resolution... and it really couldn't all be done with just the giving of a pearl string, even if it said many things.

"koi kissiko issme dekhkar khush kyun hoga?" why should anyone be happy seeing someone in this, he said of the kurta. one part of you has got to agree with him. 

he tricks her into admitting it was her idea... she stares at him, to use a word from my kids world, powned. by shatir man in stoopid kurta.

rabba vey gently floats in and a moment starts getting made. i am close to tears, all this silliness, one must love it.

"look a' me!" says the man. what? how can anyone sound that sexy that tender that... you know.

then the cutest line, nice dialogue and totally concentration destroying, "jitni baar turn karta hoon lagta hai ki loose hokar yeh pajama gir jaayga."

every time i turn, i think the pyjama will fall off.

"phir bhi pehen kar rakkha hai.. kabhi socha hai kyun?" i'm wearing it still... ever thought, why?

a gentle kiss on the forehead.

"iss liye!" whisper that "this is why" yes. a lovely asr way to express love... not for di at all this kurta, it's really to make khushi happy, make her smile and perhaps to make her go slightly crazy too? 

on the other hand, the gift scene and that pat pearl string in the middle of it, somehow did not feel very asr. and khushi's reaction felt overdone. i think maybe they were rushing toward dadi and wanted to "close loops." i am not very good at this artificial closing of stories... if it comes naturally it's a blessing. otherwise, it jars. 

here the way it was done, felt too thickly sweet.

but the pearls are always evocative. i wish they had connected it to that scene of pearls scattering in episode 2, not just her dream. a string of pearls... a dream... a nightmare. this is their story, beyond the payal, the key... beyond everything.. he sought forgiveness perhaps... and she would give it to him anyway... 

why did i sigh like that as he strolled up to her. i knew many shots had been taken separately, including the solos just gone by, i knew there were doubles, and yet i sighed... i listened to the strains of rabba vey and nothing felt more right. the acting always managed to rise above flaws... a subtle and deep interpretation from barun i thought. 

a boy and a girl that were never going to meet but they did. he had torn her pearl dori once, terrified her, done wrong... and he had hurt her... 

they said nothing and their story was told again... though now in a different place in their journey; when he reaches to wipe her tears, a remorse on his face, a lot is being said, no matter if doubles are there, wrong hands... but that hardening jaw that eyes intense, the girl with a vulnerable expectant air...

and he stepped forward taking her into his arms... this time as if in gratitude. she had returned to him, even if he had hurt her perhaps forever... 

he drew her close... that earnest look on his face i will remember long. she was his precious, his rarest freshest most lustrous treasure.. she was his love... he the ocean, turbulent, vast, where she would always be safe.

in the background, krishna in a tanjore painting (in asr's room? not likely. maybe director wanted krishna in this moment so plonked it in merrily). before that he was there in the name of a mithai shop... kishen lal mithaiwala. nice touch... hai re nand kissore.  

a crucial shot without doubles, she holds the pearls.

but despite all of that, something essential went missing. perhaps it was the urgency to change track, perhaps it was the idea itself.

in the morning... hey hey... a man sits looking at the woman he loves sleeping in their bed.

i remember this scene raised a storm in the forum. had they? hadn't they? had "it" been done? i think the c word, as in consummation, made its appearance then and never quite left us.

i have to say, i never thought the scene in any way hinted at them having had sex. and even if they had, never really mattered that much... till in 318 they went haywire on the issue.

i just saw a man's desire, and perhaps a woman's awakening to it. at last free of all sorts of things that held them back, they could just be a man and a woman together and revel in it. he was clearly enjoying himself hugely. along with that maybe a note of triumph too. she was back home, exactly as he had planned.

this time it wasn't hp, it was nani. he had to leave.. with that, "hamari baat abhi khatam nahin hui hai..." we're not yet done.

she thought her saansey stopped.

a lot of thought had gone into this episode maybe. perhaps too much thought. too many things to do. and really important things never got done. khatam nahin hui...


  1. Hey.. I feel exactly the same way as you do. Fell in love with this serial and the actors, especially Barun :)
    Love the way you write about every episode. It feels great to see somebody put what you feel about a fun serial (hindi, no less) into words as you do. Keep up the good work!!

    1. hi anonymous,
      thank you. fell in love really and going nuts hahah, whoever writes on the episodes of a tv show, that too a hindi daily soap... but then how would i live without pondering this pyaar and that asr and kkg... :) thanks for dropping in, hope you had fun... yeah, every episode... totally pagal.