Sunday, 21 February 2016

episode 311 bilackbuster surprije

the kurta was itchy, that was the best thing about it. it felt real. it allowed asr to be like himself... grumbling a bit, impatient, just doing something for someone he loves. 

bhaiya, kapde kyun nahin badal lete..."

the servant suggested helpfully, watching his employer pulling at his kurta sleeve, it was clearly not comfortable. perhaps hp was worried, this will have an adverse effect on the volatile temper of his employer. as it is, things were never easy. or maybe he was plain concerned and knew the man's bark is much worse than his bite. 

jitna kaha hai utna karo!"

that little pause and irritation, then the snapped out command. this was perhaps my most favourite moment in the episode.

ah the difference, as the song said, a day makes. on 1 august, we have one of my most favourite episodes with spectacular writing, direction, music, and of course, acting.

it was clear even there, that story was being suddenly changed. this episode is taking us in the direction of what (or should i say, who) is to come. but why does it feel like a magician did a quick sleight of hand and made away with all the inspiration and creative genius that was so apparent only a day ago.

the bilackbuster surprije was this completely lacklustre, almost pedestrian feel of this episode.

even barun in kurta couldn't change things.

there was raksha bandhan. you had to remember the beauty of the past one. and lament that nothing here came even remotely close. despite reminder by nk of papad ka tukda. he said dukhda... sadnness, somehow felt apt. and sorry rakesh bandhan was not funny.

akash came back from his mysterious bombay trip... no he would not meet the unmarried daughter of bua ji (or someone) that khushi had hinted at to the doctor. instead, we'll all meet dadi... the newly conjured up character of ipkknd. a desperate trp seeking turn.

i again noticed, how pretty deepali looked and how carelessly payal was thrust aside into a non-part. payal and khushi make a great combination and she and akash were a not bad jodi, their restaurant scene and others during early days were always good to watch. some day, would like to find out who decided they would dump this set of actors.

mami ji looked deadly... but i did miss mama ji. somehow at rakhee, it all seemed incomplete minus him. as it is, no sign of op anymore. sigh.

khushi looked suddenly completely happy, as if all the angst of the contract marriage were over. just the night before, she'd called their marriage a "sauda" and now all she wants to do is see di happy... get together with nk and manipulate arnav ji. funny... was that really khushi?
even her saree and make up were not her today. there's that rather sweet scene with her favourite things and pearls coming up next episode, wish she were wearing something nice... this hard heavy look... wonder whose idea. and why.

asr wore a kurta for his sister from his unused collection, aww he sounded sweet saying that. maybe he is so relieved to have got khushi back home that he is in one of those rare good moods. and yeah, he knows di is feeling particularly wretched these days, so maybe he would do that for her. i wished it were a beautiful, loose and elegant white khadi kurta with guru collar. 

and. no. no. no. embroidery.

i suppose di would buy such a thing for him though. can't say he looked bad either. but the thought of him in a khadi white kurta causes palpitations. also, this watch, i fell for the itchiness element. nice detail.

"humey toh yakeen hi nahi ho raha... yeh tum hi ho?" i can't believe it... is it really you, asked di.

"pata nahin... not sure..." said her brother in this fabulous way of his. i wondered if barun wrote that dialogue. 

first time round i had no idea where everything was headed and how asr would be pushed around by his writers and director, the channel... maybe the actor realised only too well and his wariness prompted him to say it the way he did. thankfully, no matter how much sugary sweet was added to the khadoos, his actor held on and kept him going till 398. so no, asr... it is you indeed... we're pretty sure. hume pata hai.

every time i watch i feel the sadness. the sudden yank in this 311 that says, something is not right.. something is off... what could it be. soon enough, we found out.

anjali is acting weirder than ever, but i suppose, she is feeling more and more vulnerable each day, as the pregnancy progresses and her need for the man she refuses to be rational about gets more pronounced.

the other dialogue that had me grinning came of course from the one and only lady after my dil... our dear mama.

"bhat say, khoon bhari tang?"

hayee, the lady ij too cools.

and got to say, man in teeka never fails to bring on acidity.

irritated asr yelling at aman... sigh, i feel a bit better already.

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