Sunday, 21 February 2016

episode 308 had a great fall

"hamare aga theek hain ki nahin..."
is my lord all right or not...

"aap ko kuch chahiye?" 

do you want anything?

"sarkar, aapko kuch chahiye?"

master, you want something?

"duty, sir, duty!"

"hum toh aapki kaneez hain, aapki bandi hain..."

i am your servant, your slave...

okay, i fell for sanaya today. 

yes, barun zonked me with his shirt off "
problem shirt mein nahin hai.. meri back mein hai" manoeuvre... i was left gasping, wondering how will kkgsr tackle this unfair charge on her senses... will the most mighty sanka in all north india fall?
(problem's not with the shirt, it's with my back)

she, a la obelix and the magic potion, has imbibed almost all the sanka in devi maiyya's sanka well, but he seems to have got his measure of it too from somewhere, maybe he has done a side deal with dm to win this huq giving battle. 

then he did that really mean gift wrapping thing... flirting, commanding, having fun at her expense, and ramnchi-ing too... surely titaliya would tumble?

but no... he had awakened her courage, her crazy dimaag. she may not have money or power, but, she averred:

"khushi kumari gupta singh raizada ke paas dimaag hai!"
kkgsr has brains.

ah, neat transfer of assets between spouses i thought. the dil girl is on a dimaag trip and the dimaag governor is on a winning back the girl of his dil mission.

such is love... especially this asr khushi huq faraq hamesha ajeeb infested love.

and sanaya's khushi was a riot. totally cute, sexy, mutterously angry, mayhem she planned. 

simple plan... don't let the man sleep. call, call again, and again, speak sweetly, in sanka mode. if need be wake up his staff.. well, he has not been fair exactly, so what the. though i did feel bad for that manager, wide awake and at his boss's place at 3am... but i am eternally grateful khushi was not made to say some cutesie stuff about it... sort of mitigating that extreme-ish action.


when she decided to keep him up through the night, the poor man had no idea what was coming his way. see, if you're sort of normal, you'll always lose before sanka... master deal maker had not yet realised what a girl angry and a phone can do to peace of mind. and so, when she called the first time,  he said,

"miss kar rahi ho mujhe?"
missing me?

in this hot sexy sort of way. i of course choked. but kkgsr is made of sterner stuff. yes, she has almost lost her mind staring at his bare chest today, yes, she has almost given in and shown her awareness when he did that eye reading thing, yes, she was all tremulous wanting to know what her eyes had said, yes, being with him in her bedroom practically the whole day has been hard...


she is made of sterner stuff.

she does not give in... instead she goes earnestly into battle.

sanaya irani is such a fabulous actress, especially when it comes to comedy. she can give depth to slapstick... really. i always think she and barun would be so good in an out and out mad fun serial. also not too many indian actresses have this sense of comedy.

i loved those calls... that look of mean happy satisfaction on her face... and yes, how beautifully she uses her voice.. "aapko kuch chahiye?" oh the smile in it, an angry irritating/irritated smile.

of course, asr was a delight to watch.. without his shirt, in his tee... getting after her, being badgered by her...

the "mmm" with which he answered the phone while he lay there... okay, it's a miracle we managed to hold on top our sanity. or maybe, we didn't.

humpty dumpty sat on a wall
humpty dumpty had a great fall
all the king's horses and all the king's men
couldn't put humpty together again

first she fell into his arms. then he fell into a faraq, and it was a hard fall. she tried not to fall into acidity, but he went and fell into a trap. she fell in nafrat and so did he, he fell on gobar and it was her turn to fall off the cliff. he fell to pieces at that... just when falling was becoming the most important thing for two people, he went and flew... off the handle. now he is falling at her feet while pretending he is doing just the opposite. and in the middle of all that, this beautiful fall.

it's all about falling in love... "achha hua hum gire," said he. good we fell. 

yes, asr... so did we.

such a cute opening, rattled laad governor and wife lie intertwined on floor, bua ji of magic fingers walks in loud and bustling... the won't fall for you biwi and her oh please fall for me aga get up looking embarrassed. really, you kids have turned bua ji's home into a merry mating dance arena, haven't you?

and why is asr looking so cute. that now bua ji wants to massage his back. what? garima ji and indi ji start. khussie bitiya is all set to hand over the reins to hai re nand kissore, when garima ji, who had earlier looked rather cute in a mother kind of way and said, she knew why damad ji kept coming back, saves the day...
"khusie bitiya hai na... oo kar legi maalis.
khushi is there, she'll get the massage done.   

there was something endearing about garima's attitude toward her son in law. as a middle class indian woman of course she is taught to believe that a son in law is a precious thing and must be put up with even if he's obnoxious. but here, she senses, he is a decent good man, she also knows he feels the loss of his mother deeply and a maternal emotion takes root somewhere in this giving woman, she who has brought up two girls as if they were her own though she didn't give birth to them.

and she can see that he is quite besotted with her daughter. it sort of tickles her i think, to see her girl happily married. he after all is the husband who will bring the moon and stars for her sanka girl should she ask for them. piyumori mehta was very good i thought eat xpressing shaded full bodied emotion... i wish later on during the dadi days they hadn't reduced her role to a sham.. and even later... there was scope to look at that relationship between her damad and herself.

for now, she rescues him. and off the two go into khushi's bedroom.

tum smile kyun nahin kar rahi ho? why aren't you smiling? maybe because she is swooning, hello hi bye bye.


almost the entire episode was in bedrooms with the bed used not only for shameless flirtling by a shirtless man, but also for sundry things like wrapping gifts. there was this intimacy in the choice of space... they are pati patni, their domain is that room... where they can be exactly who they are with each other.

"tumne mere bare mein kuchh bura kaha kya?"
did you say something bad about me, he asked her in that lazy, you're mine voice. a set of ephemeral and gorgeous expressions flitted across her face. 

okay, that flip by mr raizada. how is anyone supposed to think dammit.

and so cute the look on his face when he's buttoning up and baiting the biwi.

the game of gift wrapping... did it mean anything? symbolic of something? no clue. i also didn't understand why he went back home after telling di he'd be at bua ji's. was story changed last minute? 

i only noticed the play and the grain in his voice when he said, 

"tape ki zaroorat idhar nahin... idhar hai."
the tape isn't needed here... but here.

the completely careless use of the double was the only thing i disliked in 308. otherwise, loopy, fun, intimate, clever, smart, frothy, and lovely was it all.

i am also glad they fell.

what is with this bizarre kheer eating all the time, and why so many shots with the double there? story i do think was pushed around last minute.

what the!

what the nahin, sarson ka tel.
not what the, mustard oil.
loved this what the, and that answer.

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