Wednesday, 3 February 2016

stoopid sigh... 312

stupid idea.

stupid kurta.

stupid button.

stupid me.

why is it that the moment i saw the two together i started to smile and would you believe it, i had this crazy maternal feeling for these horrible kids, i just wanted them to be happy together. at the same time my heart beat went phangurrl crazy, practically grazing against the walls of my fragile beater, not a trace of mother there. 52 on my face, 21 (old enough to dare to have many uh huh thoughts) in my heart. so should i be counted as one viewer or two? actually, sometimes, i even feel my 13 year self leaping about, curious, irritating, taking sides, reveling in utterly idiotic things. for example, best of all it said, he pronounces stupid exactly as i do. no "stewpid,"  just plain and simple "stoopid," wee hint of "h" after the "s."

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