Sunday, 21 February 2016

episode 307 don't add love

i have no idea how many times i have seen this episode or parts of it, (actually i can never stop, i go and watch the whole thing always...) but it never feels predictable, expected. there's a freshness about it, and every time i seem to find something new... something that takes the mind in another direction and makes the viewing interesting all over again.

this time i thought, oh, so like holi, khushi again breaks her gullak. she's always determined to be self reliant about money, but it never happens that way... come to think of it, money can't buy love but in her case, it was a major part of the programme to take khushi in the direction of her true love. 

i also noticed that happy ji spoke in rocky's voice in the voice over, or it sounded like that.

i have always loved these episodes. that more entrenched, huq filled pati patni thing in them. i have also really enjoyed the game, the baiting, the sexy banter and the palpable sensuality.

but this time i kept on feeling the tender and torrid love of a man for a woman. 

yes, he was seemingly in control, out to win, pushing her to a point of acceptance. he teased and flummoxed her. but it was really so much about that need he had for her, the one that made him want to play, the one that made him want to stay at her home with her tonight. he'd been without her for a night, he just didn't like that any more. sleeping next to her had started becoming his habit even maybe. he couldn't leave her by herself, not when she was down. and he just wanted to be with her... his biwi, his mate. how simple that longing, how beautiful.

of course, he initiated it all with an asr offensive. 


"3... 2.. 1..." said a dashing tycoon, arrayed on his office chair with a snazzy red file (he can make a cheap plastic file look sort of exciting, how how how)... and she floated back up to his castle, looking tremulous. she was in a fix as he had known she would be.

"hi..." said he, not even looking up.

"so khushi kumari gupta singh raizada.. tum wapas yahan.. what happened?" so, kkgsr, you came back, what happened?... he enquired feigning innocence, she knew he knew of course. 

she'd sworn she wouldn't ask him for help and so she stammered. khushi never asked herself why she went straight to arnav ji after being denied a loan by shukla ji and happy ji. (a stray thought: both the house owner and and the caterer were called shukla ji. why, i wonder, no shortage of names out there, this seems deliberate... two essentials of life, food and shelter, are called shukla... a word that means fair/white. shukla paksha is the phase of the waxing moon, a sense of positivity in it, of growth.) 

a sense of a homing pigeon i got. and a wife who was exercising her huq without even realising it. isn't that how it should be?

"hu... hu..." she stammered.

"hu... happy singh.. kaise hain woh?" hu.. happy singh.. how is he, exclaimed her tormentor with a smile.

when khushi tried to say the rent was what had brought her here. he made fun of her. 

"kir... kir...? oh... kirana store!" 

he was out to goad her today. get her to accept that she had a huq over him, and she couldn't live without him.
"batane ki jaldi nahin hai... mere paas bahut time hai... relax!" no need to rush, take your time, relax... knowing full well she did not have time, just twenty four hours.

"aaw..." he pretended to suddenly realise... you don't have time.

they fought, they wrangled. she was hurting, she felt perhaps even more riled seeing he was quite amused... you must be finding it entertaining watching this happen... how can you not care knowing the plight of bua ji...

he cut in and said, but that is exactly what he was doing... caring.. taking responsibility, paying the rent.

then he said,

"buchyoudid'nle-me... so!"

i had to go a bit crazy at that dilli amriki accent, that cool, that chaotic word... buchyoudid'nle-me. uff.

and then came a question no one had expected him to ask... asr always says things the way he sees them, he's sharp and he notices things. he understood, her whole attitude indicated a certain kind of ghamand/arrogance and ego too. 

in a set of refreshing profile shots in close up, an intensity in them, he asked her,

"tum kahti ho ki mujhme bahut ego hai.. ghamand hai! kabhi apne baare mein socha hai? tumme ego nahin hai kya? agar nahin hai toh ask me for help..."

you say i am egositic, arrogant. have you thought about yourself? don't you have plenty ego? if you don't, ask me for help.

it was such an out of the blue thing to get into. and again very husband wife like this face off. only he could have said this to her perhaps, sensing her much more, reading her much better than others. lovers seep into each other maybe as time goes by, a knowledge in them about the other the rest of the world can't glean.

"zor se bolne mein sharam aa rahi hai toh mere kaan mein whisper karo...
tum mang sakti ho... wife ho tum meri... huq banta hai tumhara."
if you're feeling shy to say it out loud, whisper it in my ear... you can ask, you're my wife. this is your right.

how badly he wanted her to claim her right. claim him. never leave.

"kya kar sakti ho tum mere liye..." what can you do for me, he asked, his voice rife with insinuation. she glared at him, but had to step back as he came forward. lovely point to bring in that asr khushi signature forward retreat.

it was decided she would work for him for 24 hours to earn the required rs 24,000. kkgsr was not going to take handouts, she'd slog and make the money. though the presentation was comedy oriented, light... there was always an undertow of moving feelings and that uncontrollable attraction.

action shifted to bua ji's, asr having decided he didn't want any "natak" in his office. the most frothy and funny exchange between an irritating but doting husband and a girl most sad and angry and frustrated and in pyaar followed.

can i think of anyone else, any other pair of actors, who could have pulled off that biwi nahin ban sakti par tv toh ban sakti ho segment with such a light and irreverent air. and so sexily. many might have been able to express the humour. but that raging, riveting sensuality?

and just before that, a call to di. after making sure all is well with her, with a slight smile and a gentle air he asked, "
also, di, main yeh check karna chah raha tha is it okay agar aaj raat main yahin stay back karoon, i mean, i'll be back tomorrow morning."

i was also wanting to check if it's okay if i stay back here tonight, i mean, i'll be back tomorrow morning.

why am i falling for this man again. how sweet is he... just wants to hang around with his jhalli for a while...

fabulous the way barun and sanaya executed the sequence in her bedroom. he buzzes around ignoring her. she follows him around, but not meekly, making faces and cursing under her breath instead.

"oait..." uff the asr "wait!" command is given.

ek do rules are spoken about. smiling is mandatory. and khushi can't get angry, then the deal is off.

she asked archly what she should call him. maybe laad governor.

"actually, arnav is fine!" came the simple response. this man never wanted a seven steps behind wife, he is too much of a man for that.

when i'd seen this sequence the first time, i'd thought as with the "shoshan" scene, all that khushi was saying, making up... it had some meaning, part of back story. but that was not the case.

he badgered her, pushed her, perhaps his way of begging her to surrender, who knows.

when he told her to dance, she protested before accepting the inevitable.

"s..salman khan wala step dikhai.. ah ah"
see the s...salman khan steps... ah ah.

a funny nuance there... the moment she names another man that she likes, her ankle twists. was that arnav singh raizada's subconscious explosion at the mention of another man... the sparks sort of came careening out and caused destruction? one will never know.

"khushi!!" what one will, however, instantly know is how much and more than that this man loved and wanted this woman.

khushi is coming apart, it's been a tough couple of days, she doesn't want to leave him but she's decided she must, the very thought is painful, the burden wears her down. and then this new friction caused by her husband... and that heartless kidding around of his...

"khushi, i'm sorry i hurt you..." the voice has lost all play. asr is remorseful. he really can't see her hurt, can he.

rabba vey plays as a payal comes into view and fingers touch the part hurting, almost reverentially placing her foot on the bed.

an quiet simple conversation... one minute thrust and parry of a deal being won and then suddenly this beauty.

"tum ye hamesha pehenti ho..." you wear this always, don't you. i thought, there comes hamesha.

"hamehsa..." said khushi. now a wondering evocative look in her eyes.

"hamari amma ka hai..." it's my mother's payal, she said as if explaining to him... including him.

"yaad hai.. tumne ek baar bataya tha... they're beautiful."
i remember... you'd said it once... they're beautiful.

no game... suddenly just no game.

just an interlude in rabba vey. with memories of diwali and murmurs of love right here. she is again in red and he in his dark suit.

my heart sort of lightened as he lifted her up in his arms.

then that slip and they fell.

she'd been willing to go to any hadd to bring him back from a terrifying kidnap. he is determined to do anything and everything to bring her back from a decision that would part them forever. 

a thought

barun sobti looked totally handsome of course, but who looked really deadly today was asr. that feeling which guided him and illuminated his actions, it certainly added to his already formidable good looks today, making him even more irresistible. a man so beautifully in love.

and remember... no sugar.


  1. I absolutely loved the line "and remember no sugar." lollllll

  2. do you get hotstar? you can see it there. very few episodes available otherwise, star plus has got everything taken down.