Wednesday, 3 February 2016

the crooner take on 312

funny how at times things i'd liked the first time i saw an episode, i didn't like later... mainly because the story went elsewhere and those things lost meaning, became irksome even. one such was that gift giving in episode 311, just before dadi's arrival. i liked the way he held her but found the whole sequence not at all asr. and khushi make up was heavy handed and most unlike her. however, this is what i wrote soon after episode was telecast.

silences. and the talk is not yet over.
anjaane vaade intrigues me, archu. looking forward to your update.

adding on

archu, a crooner as touching as the episode. beautiful words and pictures in the colours of truth, black and white. i am again floating on an ocean of dreams and promises known and unknown. (maybe the flu has something to do with this sensation too, but let's not allow reality to interfere with our perfect dream moment.)

when she pulled out the string of pearls and i saw the expression on his face, i immediately thought of priya, crooner, dream analysis. in fact, after that blow my mind "they're beautiful" sequence on the payals, i remember wondering, did they tell the full story of those scattered pearls in her dream among bare and barren trees?

my thoughts on the episode.

you speak of the tears he gave her. well there were tears today too. in my eyes, as i caught on to what he was trying to do with all his stupid this stupid that. such a beautiful display of innocent, uncontrolled, vast love. but then, how else could the ocean love?

he looked uncomfortable in his kurta, impatient to get the gifts in, barking at poor hp for no reason, he was obviously up to something. but never did i imagine it was this. gifts for her i knew he'd got, but this was sheer poetry and the most tender giving love ever. the riches of the sea are the bilackbuster surprisiya really. (i am sure those two memorable mami words are meant for the revelations of the coming weeks, but i'm doing ramanchi and hijacking them.)

you don't like expensive gifts. what do you like, my lady. i'll woo you your way, because i know now when i lose myself in you i win, mein tumhe jeet lunga, but not by vanquishing you, by validating you.

the important thing is you, because i love you. khushi heard his feelings, and when she saw the pearls, she knew he heard each and every feeling of hers. he dreamt her dreams. and again he brought her to tears. the sweetest, most cathartic tears ever, how freely they streamed down her cheeks, washing away griefs and sadnesses that we don't even know of. perhaps even she doesn't. her "thoughts that do lie too deep for tears."

did you notice the way he hugged her. with such open heart. he gathered her close as though she was the most precious pearl  in his bosom, he snuggled close, joy and you're mine and i'm yours written in his eyes, his very body language. he never lost himself in that moment, he found her and took back into him a part of her forever.

i felt, she'll be safe there. for even as the narrative edges purposefully toward the story of sheeshmahal and arnav and anjali, we're also closer to discovering khushi's early days and there is unbearable sorrow buried deep somewhere.

that hug also had something of the innocence of bobby and what was it, dabbu's hug in it. i suppose when we drop our defences, set aside our egos and show ourselves for who we really are, we reclaim our most unspoilt, childlike selves. and if we are to fight real devils, we need that more than anything else.

the shot of her arms going up his back to hold him at the shoulders, the pearls between her fingers was beautiful, glad it was arnav singh raizada and not his body double there. every shot of him as the ocean drowned in his feelings was unspeakably beautiful.

to wake up to a dream like that. the man who loves you with all of himself, sitting and watching you in wonder. and yet only a day ago, you two were warring, hurting, almost dying. and just a while back, both were behaving like kids when he thought you went missing. and then after he'd told you why he wore the kurta, for you not di stupid, off you went to khushi land on seeing the boxes "oh no, not again do i have to unpack and pack all this?" but soon, you knew what he'd asked you to open. in that velvet box lay his heart with a promise in every pearl that the wicked witch had taken away in some fairytale. so many moods and all the swings...

delightful isn't it this love? just like the ocean, with its calm, its depth, its warmth and colour as the sun rises and sets over it, its silken shimmer under a starlit night, its playful little white edged surf, its ebb and flow, its storms, it's undercurrents, its tsunami. it is all of love.

"hamari baaten abhi khatam nahin hui."
your conversations in silences, in words, in moments of quiet away from each other, across space, all take you to your destiny. jo mein mehsoos karta hoo jo tum mehsoos karti ho, she'd asked you why does this happen, when i come close to you my heartbeats race? after this day will you ever be far from each other?

"aisa laga humari saansey ruk gayi."
khushi went, i felt, to the exact place where arnav is, in her love for him. her heartbeats won't just speed up, now they will stop if she can't feel him close to her. as her lips moved to a tentative smile, i thought, yes, he has brought her to that smile he so wanted to bring her to.

words from a long time favourite seem to tell their story.

to dream... the impossible dream...
to fight... the unbeatable foe...
to bear... with unbearable sorrow...
to run... where the brave dare not go...
to right... the unrightable wrong...
to love... pure and chaste from afa...
to try... when your arms are too weary...

to reach... the unreachable star...

other thoughts
storm warning everywhere. mami, our wondrous chorus has been doing her utmost to keep us updated. but somehow, it doesn't scare me anymore. everything is really a foil, a backdrop against which we'll see the journey of an amazing love.

anjali is getting more and more complicated. did i really believe her when she assured khushi of a fresh beginning and all was fine? not really, her smile never reached her eyes. shyam with his peculiar hold over her is possible pulling her strings right now.

again fell in love with the music of raju singh. so many emotions, beautifully understood and expressed in the different background segments, and of course, the legendary rabba vey. this man has been with a master who has told him it's ok to test the limits, seek new worlds, dream bigger i feel. could it be the time he spent with r d burman. a cool sophistication in so many places, reminds me of  the man who changed the tone of hindi film music.

khushi's make up is taking away from truly perfect moments. sanaya irani's delicate colouring needs fine, light make up to enhance, not heavy hand blushers, lippers, raccoon eyes. in the morning scene the heavily made up eyes was almost as distracting as body doubles. 



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