Wednesday, 22 July 2015

episode 11 mango bitwa

"kya aap bina shakkar kheer bana sakte hain? nahin na?" can one make kheer without sugar? can't, right?

a smooth bridge with those words to the fabulous memory of a man in a blue shirt, gardening. looks like writers are having a lot of fun.

director joins in with that jalebi khushi pops into her mouth over the emotional embrace with payal.

she has just talked her father into letting her work, prompting her bua ji to roll her eyes and snap, she ought to have been in politics. but now she's all shaken up. work? that was not in the plan. the inner workings of a vulnerable yet

gutsy girl with "himmat" and a protective loving elder sister makes one emotional, then she bites into her jalebi and you have to giggle. chatori number one, indeed. the greedy one as her bua ji yells from time to time. khushi and her jalebis, asr and his suv, a thesis in themselves... two actually.

and there at the home of the man who can't have sugar, his dear aunt sits on the kitchen platform with a row of nail polish bottles fixing her nails as veggies look on, not a very serial bahu, is she. lo and behold, today rm has a maid in the kitchen. have counted up to four household staff by now. wish they hadn't disappeared without a trace as we went along.


back to: whimsical and touching little scene between sisters about their champagnia dreams... no one is going to work, we'll just get married and sit in our own homes, all dressed up and perfect wives, me watching tv after woh goes to work, you all happy tending to your saas. alas, that's not to be. 
isn't that what most girls even now grow up thinking no matter where they belong to? that dream of love and marriage? a tender look at young girls apart, there was lethal tongue in cheek writing and deepali too good going all giddy about taking care of saas. a satirical mind somewhere that's had enough of hindi serial junk... even though it may be writing a lot of it.
on the other side, nani ji is ready to get her beloved's horoscope made. how dare you call her a goat, if you want to do business here, purohit, make lakshmi ji's kundli, born on guruvar too, our beauty. was that the writer there again injecting a note of something more than humour into the moment? 

"guruvar" is the day of the master, the teacher, of brihaspati the guru of the gods. is lakshmi, the goat, named after the goddess of wealth (inner wealth as well as material) to be a teacher, a shower of the path?

what's clear though is, whether one's wealthy or not, older or much younger, in bootiphool or champagnia state, sanka is the order of the day.

a whole new meaning to "seluph serbhees," a grandmother rattled, a girl lands up on her first day at work, minus appointment letter, hellbent on teaching an arrogant young man that just having money doesn't make you superior in any way. and the arrogant young man, today pricey as these guys are prone to be; visible for all of less than a minute, sweetly slamming the phone on inquisitive di, leaving me gasping for more

light, crisp yet layered episode. the khushi off to office on first day with bua ji and payal scene pretty classic. lots of humour, bua ji's bent love, khushi's complex emotions of fear, excitement, nervousness, just plain nuttiness, and payal's love and concern finally eyes brimming over for her little sister. three really talented actors there.

i can feel much is coming at us and fast. nani ji is not one to sit quiet after hearing of a someone kashyap, also first time we hear of dhruv. but my ears stuck on, "woh humaar bitwa hai, koi aam nahin.. ki mausam dekhkar... achaar daale."
he's my boy, not some mango, that we check the weather and make a pickle of him... (literal translation, but you get the point.)

"chahe arnav ki ho, akash ki ho, ya phir dhruv ki," nani ji wasn't taking it lightly no matter whose wedding it was, asr's, akash's or dhruv's. this was the episode where the young man made his only appearance. in his grandma's dialogue. then he just disappeared in a swirl of jalebi.


two sisters loved their siblings rather intensely, one was always in frame with hers, the other never quite could let him go even in her thoughts... must thank anjali for making that call though, so we could see the nasty suv driver and hear his caustic: if you're done with your joke for the day, i'm disconnecting. that cool low tone of voice when he is displeased, his grandma has a similar one. was this by design or wonderful chance? anyway, thanks to these two sisters the story of asr khushi started and keeps going forward. but if they hadn't been there, would the two never have met? the answer is hidden somewhere in those whorls of juicy orange crunchy things no doubt. 

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