Wednesday, 22 July 2015

breathe dammit

you never knew when it would come and get you. but suddenly out of nowhere, often at the most unexpected moments, it most definitely would. like when they're just looking at each other and the moments tick by. or one is remembering the other, and eyes shift slightly. or he lunges suddenly and there's a going still while she stares. even writing about it, remembering, makes my breath change pattern.

and this would happen in every single episode. sometimes once, sometimes many more times. i'd feel myself going slightly breathless, my concentration getting suddenly heightened, warmth behind the ears or the upper arm maybe, goosebumps on the shin, spreading. a grazing against the heart.

way back in a movie called poltergeist, the spirit would come out of the tv and get the little girl, if i remember the trailer. they say, such things don't happen. they really don't know, do they? i always smile at the thought that first telecast in my time zone would happen at 12 midnight... the witching hour.

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