Tuesday, 28 July 2015

those holi days

ipk is a classic... no doubt about that really. there are moments there never seen on practically any medium before. unique. pulsating. alive. unforgettable. here i am putting together all my ramblings on one of the finest periods in ipk. holi. 12 to 16 march 2012. episodes 206 to 210. there have been many other such wonder times in iss pyaar ko kya naam doon?. i suddenly saw all that i'd written for holi and missed the time we could run to our television every day and wait to be totally taken over. colour every single day. riot of hues, stunning shades, simmering tones. hope you enjoy the traipse through ramanchi land. all my edits and the five episode takes here. might be too much to read, but enjoy the edits and collages.

and spread the rang... do leave your thoughts behind.


12 march, what a morning. waking up or was it
awakening or was it just pure right paagal kaala.


"yahan hum dono ke elava aur koi nahin hai... phir aapne kyun...," she asked, she so needed to know. why did you pretend to care, there's no one around. "kyunki tumhara dimaag jo pehle se hi itna kharab hai, usse aur kharab nahin hone de sakte." because you're already damaged in the head, can't let it get any worse. harsh words streaked with vermillion love. to arshad, the real maker of colour. 12 march 2011, holi.

holi had a colour all its own, this is still the 12th of march. how awfully absolutely tender our man, and sweetly confused, just a little hopeful, our jhalli. aisa kyun hota hai.

holi, march 14, almost every scene in this episode is worth a mini heart attack.

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