Monday, 20 July 2015

oneirical asr

he was indeed born to do asr. arnav... ocean. all attributes of a vast ocean in him, the sometimes calm surface with the turbulence within, the hidden untold depth, there is abyss there and the dance of the surf, there's ebb and flow... low and high tide, sometimes the undertow is dangerous, when the plates below the surface shift, a tsunami may arise, what else was it that valentine's day night... colours... blue, black, grey, dun and the white of the surf. sound... the sudden lashing, the whisper, the murmur, the roar... the crashing of angry waves upon the shore, destructive and yet awe inspiring beauty... so much of all that is arnav in him. some day i would really like to hear from him, how he prepared for asr. and was arnav a reference he took note of and used to explore his asr.

a while back over dinner i came across a word i had known and yet not known... oneirical. the person who used it said he wasn't sure if it existed, so we kept playing with it and declared, for that evening it was a word. he was french and said, to him it meant poetic, dreamy...

of course, we ran and googled the word straight after the meal. yes there it was, oneirical from oneiric... relating to dreams or dreaming.

would it be too hysterical to say, i found barun's asr absolutely utterly dishily elementally oneirical?

(edited from a chat i had with my friend indu on india forums.)

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