Sunday, 19 July 2015

episode 9 ears ring

"hamaare kaan kyon baj rahe hain... yeh log arnav singh raizada ki nahi, kissi chhotu ke baat kar rahe hain." why are my ears ringing, they can't be talking about arnav singh raizada, must be someone else. 

looks like a certain man is never far from her thoughts. all it takes is a name and, awareness. and it's chhotu again.

"aap ki shakal poonam ki chaand ki tarah, pandra din mein nazar aati."  your face, like the full moon, one sees only once in 15 days.
it's been 14 days since iss pyaar ko ended and we started watching again from the top on the blast from the past thread, guess this dialogue had to be heard today. when shall we see him again?
"tum ho na, hamaare zindagi ka sabse achha khatta meetha ber." you're there, my life's best sweet and sour plum.
two sisters, bound by love and nothing else. something beautiful there, and in these early episodes a nuanced look into their completely giving relationship. if khushi gets kicked out by bua ji, payal will have no choice... but to go with her. the most delicious ber in khushi's life, her foster father's daughter, who accepted her as her own without question. we live in a world of labels and socially accepted ideas of ties, here the only relationship that is honoured outside the ones given by blood is that of marriage. but in ipk, there is a constant pitting of "khoon ka rishta" versus that of the heart, in the funny, witty, tender ipk way. really, why do we have so many meaningless, baseless rules of making someone our own?

"sau gram ber bhi le na, toh unme bhi ek aadh achhi nikal jaati hai, par hamare kismat mein jaise sirf khatte ber likhe hain." if you buy a hundred grams of plum even, you'll get a couple of sweet ones. looks like in my kismet only sour plums are written.

the episode paints khushi with long loving strokes. she's funny, "lagta hai bakri ki kamra mein rah gayi hai," (looks like it's left in the goat's room) and sad and brave and spunky. how beautifully she handles her one and only bua ji's sarcasm and constant poking. only once, when she had returned after that night of meeting the man who'd flip her world upside down, did she allow bua ji's nastiness to get to her. but not for long, all it took were a few insightful words from her loving father, again one who took her in and made her a daughter without demanding a provenance of genes. 

though she speaks of kismat and constantly chats with her devi maiyya, there's a sense of self reliance in the girl, and she is not afraid to go out there and do something, however new and challenging, and scary, if she feels it needs to be done. is that very different from arnav singh raizada? i always found this interesting. both are committed to action and work to take on and tackle life. one refuses to let fear into his thoughts and just steels himself to get things done. the other makes ample space for fear but then gives it to dm for safe keeping and plunges right in. both make me want to hug them and say, "bravo."

"matlab woh ab tumhare sapne mein aa hi gaya," which means now he has reached your dreams then.

and what a dream it was. take your lousy money, you laad governor. how much is enough? twentyfive thousand? fifty thousand? a lakh? take. here let me show you, let me fling these notes at you, let them fly around you and fall in a torrent of my utter dislike of you and your kind. gorgeous vision of success, khushi girl. but what's this? why is the man not looking wounded and chastened? why does he look so above it all, noble, and smiling unperturbed too? in fact, a little condescending of you still and downright breath taking. freudian, khushi, how come he has no horns no tail nothing remotely unattractive in that dream of yours? if i remember correctly, he looked just as phenomenal in a dream you had more than a year later. looks like payaliya caught on to something much before any of us, or even you or he, did.

i hope that morning dream of yours comes true, khushi. no, not that shower of notes bit, the meeting in a fairy lights lit room, and all the things that come after that. wasn't the deck where he apologised to you the first time gleaming with the same lights? and the evening of diwali, didn't he stand silhouetted against them, in anguish, troubled; and you asked him simple straight forward questions the way only khushi can ask? there were no answers then, but there's no question still, he has entered your sapna. sapno ki duniya starts here on.

episode 9 had a lovely feel to it right through. it was a lot about a girl unlike others and all her different relationships, her attitude, her innate nuttiness as well as her strength. sanaya was brilliant, evoking so many emotions in me. can't tire of saying, this girl knows how to handle a laugh. "phati sari" made an entrance on the lips of a very piqued mami ji, who at present is not on very good terms with her ma in law. interestingly, while nani ji is the strict matriarch, she is far from being authoritarian or claustrophobic. manorama goes about doing pretty much what she pleases and is still loved and respected. 

that's so real, isn't it? a bit like khushi putting up with her sharp tongued aunt, knowing she isn't as bad as she sounds. and here, however weird, manorama is a member of the family and her family understands her better qualities, shrugs off the rest or manages it somehow. you've got to admire nani ji's character. commands respect, keeps it all going, loves everyone, knows people. her little chat with khushi and the thawing of the initial ice was great to watch. 

i liked the pace and tone of episode a lot. smart screenplay, good music, and yes, several helpers all around shantivan. wondering if that potli was a metaphor for something. a bundle of what? 

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