Saturday, 25 July 2015

episode 12 look it's la

behind the surprise, a hint of a storm.

"really? thank god, finally tumhare face pe maine ek... half si smile dekhi." really? thank god, finally, there's a half-ish smile on your face.

who is the player. who gets under whose skin. what's a relationship's meaning in whose life. an intriguing and most keenly perceived, written, enacted chapter opens in ipk. in the smooth city chicanes of the big metro enters a lucknow girl, a little shocked and taken aback, but not giving in without a good fight. come down off those heels and see what's the "taapmaan" in the real world.


it's been a harrowing day. the madness in delhi never strays far from mind.

in that context, frankly, it's high time our serials got a bit real about women and their aspirations, space in society, and rights. 

in episode 12 i met a girl like no other in the hindi soap world: lavanya. just because she wore short dresses, showed leg, had ambition, and stated what she wanted, she told him he was her pasand, she was not a "bad" girl. 

this seemingly bad girl, in the first episode itself had sides to her that were interesting. she was one of the very few people whom asr allowed to waste precious 10 minutes of his time, and asr is no fool. then that curious vulnerability and love in the character with her eating of a cake with egg which she is allergic to, because "usse pasand hai, aur main usske liye kuch bhi kar sakti hoon." he likes it, and for him i can do anything.

i grew to really like this character. mind of her own, many shallownesses, yet a loving side, and extreme wisdom when she realises that the one she loves, loves another. her parting scenes are some of the best i've seen anywhere. also like the slowly growing friendship between her and her opposite, khushi. 

both girls were special. not stereotypical. each was human, filled with the aspirations of girls their age, time, and place. real people. as long as women are bound and gagged by so called tradition - because, sorry, indian tradition is very very far from what saas bahu serials will have us believe - we have no chance of respecting ourselves or being respected by society. strong words perhaps, but had to be said. 

while khushi's tradition bound soul is attractive, what gives her substance is her sense of self reliance. she is the one who opens the father's shop every day, keeps the hisaab, rejects bad "tradition" when she goes to talk about dahej to payal's bridegroom to be, marches into the tv station to stand up for her rights, and looks asr straight in the eye and says money doesn't mean you can get away with anything. she is the darti hai par karti hai girl. i adore this streak. this is responsible writing with inclusion of our culture and its valuable things.
we see ar office for the first time. i like that spare, cool, red look, and i must say pam and sim are delightful. so so stereotypical, oooh that red patch on your cheek looks really bad. la asking sim to not speak english, sounds like chinese, crass but funny. of course shades of many english serials and kkkg's kareena and her chamchis, but irritating enough and funny enough for me. 
ye... awaaz kaafi suni suni si lag rahi hai!
that... voice sounds familiar. he has registered deeply of course. every meeting of theirs has been strange, even scary, and touched with high emotion.

the luck/chance factor of khushi becoming la's secretary and right where asr and she will meet again is interesting. she believes in destiny and dm's doing of everything. he believes he makes his own kismet. perhaps there was a bit of both in it.

how good must a man look. the opening episodes bring us a man who will set new standards of hot. and turn me into a gibbering idiot the moment i set eyes on him. i can't blame lavanya. in her place, i'd do exactly that. i wonder though what asr of delhi would have said if he heard of what happened there (the horrific rape of a young woman, jyoti singh, had just completely shocked and stunned us, angered above all). one of the reasons i will never forget this man is because of his respect for women. and his courage to say his father was wrong.

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