Sunday, 19 July 2015

on an evening of silken green

on an evening of silken green we met as two lovers never knowing
what was, was it love? was it not? the green swirled and we forgot to ask.

on a blush rose the dawn of a longing unknown, we wagered, we plundered
pink tore asunder our fallacies of innocence, indifference, it all
the augury of pink distilled panic.

turmeric touched the day taking license, skin gleaming gold
yellow drowned out all light all sound, leaving a lost feeling around
where are you, my heart, at the end of xanthous is there respite?

effulgent orange that sunset hour whispered a name as it laughed and
jangled, i want to make love to you it said, we lightened, we hungered
at last we knew why it made a difference at all.

and so came the night of crimson with its dark embrace, anaerobic
we held each other tight and let it all go, perhaps knowing was our folly.


  1. I don't think I have read this one before.. loved it.. beautiful and poetic..

    You can put those edits of yours here on this post.. of teri meri with the black background.

  2. rhea, thanks so much... you know in the normal course of things i'd never admit to a soul that i get moved enough to start getting poetic while watching a soap. but ever since ipk, abnormal is the norm and poems get written and merrily posted regularly. unlocks me and says, go make all your mistakes and just be, this soap and that man. sigh. glad you liked... it links all the different brightly coloured clothes of khushi from teri meri to the night he drags her to that temple.