Tuesday, 28 July 2015

incredible attraction and its portrayal... around diwali

couldn't sleep. restless as h. thought might as well watch some ipk... actually, wanted to watch the drive after diwali, and once i started, i couldn't stop. now at 116... when i watch i wait subconsciously i think to reach that point when my heart will feel the graze, then the tug... and my eyes get that fixed stare. i wonder would this feeling just go away one day, like so many feelings do... especially those crushes in school... and if you're made like me, even much later. but for now there is that pressure on the chambers of the heart, a pull at the gut. i don't know if this happens to you. everything is so physical yet not... khushi!... aur yeh bhi yaad rakhna ki main apni kismat khud likhta hoon... wahi karta hoon jo meri marzi hoti hai... lekin jis din aapko yeh pata chalega na, uss din wahan hum nahin honge...uss din kya... aaj se... in fact issi pal se meri zindagi se nikal jao... na tumhari shakal dekhni hai, na tumse koi baat karni hai... aur yeh definitely mere haath mein hai, khushi kumari gupta... 

straight after reading this on blast from the past on india forums, a friend reminded me of "shut up and sit in the car". i had to reply. no time to edit visuals again, racing to catch a feeling.

not telepathy this time, indu, ... i read you and my mind just yearned to see feel thrill to it all again.

shut up and sit in the car.

i almost couldn't breathe. she is talking, he ignores her and walks around after a brusque yet somehow caressing, sit in the car, i'll take you home. she is devastated and smiling, a note of hysteria and she even more beautiful in it. and that eloquent back.


she prattles. her way of entering hell.

he cuts in. his way of commanding it. he must have control even if it's hell, especially because it is so.

toh tum khush ho.

how many ways that dialogue could have been delivered, wonder whose unerring sense of a moment homed in on that.

the divine chaos of attraction and mortals trying to fight it... with that excruciatingly beautiful ferocity and the tumultuous confusion.
attraction. its untrammelled untamed innate nature, its hold, its toss and pitch... took me along. i shut up and sat in the car. 

and now i see you are here too. i know i don't make sense. and am i feeling good about it.

so powerful this whole thing, across the episodes... as you say, that consistency... and oh the beautiful ferocity.

how low can a voice dip to say this is dangerous territory. animal and prowling, a magnificent cat in the night. and his mate.


it doesn't mean a thing.

k.koi matlab nahin hai...

shayad tumhare liye hoga...mere liye uss baat ki... ya tumhari... koi ahmiyat nahin hai.