Thursday, 15 October 2015

225 and a new corner we turn

these are the ipk days that had many frustrated, angry, tearing hair, posting, protesting, demanding khushi not be messed with. not like this at least. brace yourselves, it's khushi's what is famously called "OTT" period turning on full blast now. suddenly the girl we knew seemed to acquire a layer of klingon or something, out to get the one who had turned her life upside down, she zapped into a little fiend, planning terrible stuff for her favourite man. from her corner by the pool she mounted project occupy, then operation kill him with love, hey swami. soon she will drag him to her home and all its horrors, including bath at the public tube well, and a hot steamy night of taekwondo love. sanaya did all she could to keep her sanka devi, her jhalli crazy girl going. but there seemed to be something a bit off with the calibration. however, fear not... we plodded on regardless, even managing to giggle and go aww. maybe there's that OTT button in all of us, and that got a little attention. most of us decided, no matter how aaargh we were going to sit through it all, because even in this state, ipk was abs kapow!!!

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