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episode 220 appearing act

"kyunki main apne awaz wapis aane ka credit tumhe nahin dena chahta tha. i didn't want you to get any credit."

he lunged forward and gripped her shoulders, something uncontrollable  in him. it charged the air and as if in a flash the entire texture of the episode changed. became dense, traveling in, hitting places within hard.

i thought of houdini. he was said to be the master of escape. you never how and from where he disappeared. poof, he was gone. barun and sanaya do the same thing, but in there case... poof, and it's here. something enters the arena without you ever knowing how. suddenly, there it appears... in the most unexpected moment and it is absolutely real, absurdly so. perfect in tone colour content. gripping.

right through the episode, starting with that incorrigible and nasty prank by the raizada, totally cheesed off with his nonsense talking sethi brothers catching wife, there's been a sense of mirth and fun. but before i proceed, a pause on the ridiculous leg pulling at the top of episode.

though khushi's tone was irritating and a little hysterical, she poor thing really was pleased with her move with the brothers not sethi. but soon she realised she had hurt asr in some way, not very clear to her how, yet she had.
aaj humne phirse galati se arnav ji ko chot pahunchaya...," i've again by mistake i have hurt him, she said as she pulled out her diary and noted. i found that stilted, but then came the cop.
unlike the sethi imposters, he was cast well, and a sequence got going that had me laughing. there was something really funny about the interchange. sanaya warmed to the humour and a sense of real sanka, not the made up one that i am allergic to and practically lose my words over, came into being.
then walked in laad governor along with his ghamand and a bottle of water. so he had gone to get that; nice touch, no loose ends. one look at the situation and a good old mera naam hai arnav singh raizada akad kicked in. she had gotten to him, he meant to get even. promptly, understanding the opportunity in an instant, and in a most asr way, he did something not so nice...

there's a sting in this man which i enjoy. it makes his mind more complex and attractive. like his huge capacity to love is this other side of him. rile him and he will get after you. this too is asr. he is no flat, single dimensional, easy to love and justify every action of his kind of fellow. he can cross limits, do mad things, sometimes really mad things... as we know.

she who can read him without him having to say a thing, understnds what he means as he stands there looking devastating and gesturing with strange (read gorgeous) expressions... soon it's her doing the bizarre sit ups holding her ears. the cop is mystified... this is not school, o madam ji. 

she is not asking for maafi from the law, she retorts, she seeks forgiveness from the one who is a law unto himself. laad governor of kahin ke.

ah, the ajeeb world of mr and mrs raizada. "main bhi kya pooch raha hoon," what am i even asking, mutters the harassed policeman and stalks off putting on his topi, his head buzzing no doubt.

in the car, a sweet moment. a look at his wife, but no, she doesn't want to say anything.

the feeling of fun continued. now via khushi's fairly hysterical reaction to arnav ji not getting his voice back. she he fretted about it, since medicines, the doc helpfully said, would exacerbate the diabetes. she found a kada recipe that will work... and came with her godmother of sanka's (niece had certainly inherited the core of sanka from this lady who kept telling her she was not their blood... that tie being definitely thicker than one delivered by mere genes) sing song couplet:
long saunf saunt tulsi ka waar/ khol de gala aar ya paar. the strike of cloves, fennel, dry ginger, basil/opens up the voice right through (very bad translation).

nani was in a manipulative nani mood, she made chhotey drink the bitter stuff with threats of calling di.

chhotey made cute-ish faces. i wondered if they were too sweet for me.

soon he got his voice back, but for some reason i couldn't fathom at that point, decided not to tell khushi. instead, he pointed out the dust on his table. doc had also said there should be no dust near him. of course, "it's all my fault, everything is my fault" mode khushi rushed about cleaning madly. while he sat there with a mean look, enjoying her discomfiture and frenetic worry.

again a game. the camera even got into the mood and did that typical quick zoom of tv soap when trying to show us the baddie. oh bad boy he really was today.

i was slightly mystified a la cop.

finally, khushi thought of a filmy nuska and appeared with a knife. for once she beat shyam hollow at being bizarre. he had in the meantime been shown rushing about saaley saab's room riffling through his wardrobe, again with door open and saaley saab right there somewhere. what the, shyam... tum theek ho?

nand kissore.
main bhi kya pooch rahi hoon.

"what the hell khushi! pagal ho gayi ho kya tum!" silly question, shatir laad gov. she has told you during holi, she was born that way.

yes, she stood before him with a knife shrieking, the whole family gathered and reacted to every moment of this charade. mama ji was very funny and made me miss my mama. good actor, very interesting character, the disappearing of him, i am still not able to get.

anyway, what perplexed me even more was this whole heightened to almost camp style of episode. what exactly was going on here? i understand ipk has to adhere to daily soap norms of never being too heavy or serious for too long... audiences apparently find it hard. and usually ipk has moved across our emotion scape with such expertise, beautiful smooth writing and flipping of scenarios and moods...

i wasn't even clear as to why he played that trick right in the beginning. yeah, he was mad at her... but he made her do sit ups on the road? okay i love the sting in asr but i wasn't getting the reason for it clearly.

of course, when he said this plan was "stoopid" i was so diverted by the stoopid, i almost reached nainital.

but she asked why, after all had left.

and he lunged forward. in an instant appeared that thick yanking emotion that makes you sit up. his anger poured out... this was never a joke, none of all that was happening was really light or funny from where he stood... or she went crazy.

that houdini trick feeling grabbed the whole episode in its fist and went viral, raging backward through the it, touching and colouring what i had seen before. making them pulsate with this skein of anger winding in him... a feeling of continuity of emotion came in. right from that night on the terrace, his inner space is in turmoil. it comes and goes but never quite leaves. her mind too is in the grasp of that crazy night... together this rollercoaster they ride... it may seem like fun sometimes, but within throbs a tight, large, complex emotion... which is only too real. in it a pyaar, a chot, a dhakdhak, some hamesha, and lots of gussa.

"i didn't want you to get any credit," he is still holding her tight, his body taut with tension and rage, his voice is grazing my heart, and she is looking at him horrified.


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