Thursday, 8 October 2015

episode 219 read my lips

i must admit i did not get this episode at all. from the simplest things like, why was anjali smiling so brilliantly while asking hari prakash to change the bedsheets.

to the most complex one... why sethi brothers. at.all.

ipk always had a sense of flow of a continuing story about it. since dilli mein bali it's started getting an episodic feel... as if there is no story line, instead a series of little dramas that are either a waiting time before we get to something more substantial or a desperate period where writers are going haywire wondering what next in the abiding love story of khushi and asr.

whatever it was, there was lots of beauty in dilli mein bali and the heer ranjha episodes. sethi brothers came and went like that just in the middle of it... couldn't fathom why.

no, i am not too good at the lip and mind reading which khushi is adept at we are being told.

actually, why did we need to know this? wasn't this whole thing a bit too cutesy for ipk? and asr would sit through a meeting like that while kkg spoke of her dabba service and aloo tamatar and that too utter gibberish? (i feel like breaking into manorama moves at that, so wild is the proposition.)

and why would khushi do such a thing? okay, she understood these guys were cheats, though how asr would even begin to have a supremely important meeting with someone without checking them out is consternation giving. he sits with his laptop (practically engaged to it as khushi has smartly pointed out) all the time. there is a thing called google. surely he searches people, esp new ones, and finds out all he needs to before meeting them? suddenly the shatir one is totally clueless.

also since asr can't talk... shouldn't akash have been there?

but as i mentioned, why would khushi do this? so there was no time to tell him. but must she say all that she did to manage the situation? everything felt forced. and the most annoying thing... khushi came across as smug and really silly. she is neither. she owns pure sanka. i miss that.

the humongous fun we had during khushi's ruining of asr's meeting at shantivan with jalebi bai ring tone... just didn't get repeated here. in that story, there was cause and character in place.

here it was disjointed, almost ludicrous.

three stories went helter skelter toward their goals (i had no idea what sethis were about but yeah, mami fancy dress and file search were headed to heer ranjha and kidnap).

the asr kkg story was obviously on a detour, a little bit stuck in the ditch on the way... minus pakora, though dilli mein bali and heer ranjha had some hot sweet deadly jalebis in them.

mami got ready to take part in the suddenly thought up fancy dress competition with payal. she never fails to amuse me. a complete nut case. i wish though poor nani didn't have to get into that bizarre outfit to convince her bahurani. the tackiness factor of ipk seems to be on the rise.

and shyam. more perplexed than di was i at his frenetic behaviour. also this larger unkempt shyam is so not shyam at all. he is a precise dresser, he grooms to chikna, he wants to always project good guy... what happened? suddenly, just because saaley saab has not deposited money in the joint account once, he is totally losing his sense of caution, his inherent guile, just to find a file? he is happily opening asr's cupboard, unlocking drawers, with the door not even properly locked...

i understand story is headed somewhere and transition is on... would have liked to see poise and smart story telling instead of this.

there were certain images that looked familiar... they felt ipk. but then they became part of a strange episode...

i did enjoy the two of them in his office as usual... many memories. by the way, where are the hot women in ar's office? and how come a fashion house doesn't have even one well dressed, smart guy in its staff. i missed la, pam, sim, manju, lisa, jeff. that lisa sequence was so well done, despite low serial budget and not too fancy sets.

the sethi bros. had they been chosen well and were good actors, might have saved the episode. the people who got us lisa and jeff had a certain sensibility... an eye. sorely missed them.

this episode was telecast on thursday, 29 march 2012. i joined the forum just two days before that i notice... obviously the post marriage directionlessness, especially after holi, was getting to me. i needed a support group... a shoulder to weep on and then giggle again. so grateful i found everyone here. for that i guess i must find the what the days of ipk. mano would have said, "ebrytheeng habing reejjon, samjheo? hello hi bye bye!"


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