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episode 41 can't look away

reminded me of a game of hide and seek, episode 41. a beautiful game, where two people strangely bound to each other tried to hide their feelings, yet their feelings wanted to seek each other out. and when the playing field is a powerful temple, the richness and significance of it takes on deeper tone. their fingers touched. by chance? by design? no matter, it was the signal it seemed, and the eyes took over there on.

she looked at him aghast, he carefully hid his feelings behind a mask of nonchalance, and proceeded to complete the task of doing arati in mechanical vein. all went about their duties and rituals around the deity. yet for no apparent reason, she couldn't stop chasing him with her glances from behind lowered lids. nor could he take his searching, seeking chocolate brown eyes off her.

what was this happening to them? didn't look like either was thinking. just doing what their instinct compelled them to. she believed he was rakshas, yet her eyes had to see. he on the other hand had already started noting his reactions to this chit of a girl. his most unusual reactions. if she shouted at him, he just stared without a word. if she was rude to him, he still couldn't stop thinking of her. if she said not a word to him, it bothered him. what was happening to him? it felt as though a pall stood between him and his feelings, hiding the truth. and perhaps it did.

though other than that first touch, they remained apart, but somehow in constant touch. and when lavanya forced asr to feed her a sweet and open her fast, khushi's eyes held sudden pain and consternation, her fingers struck a matchstick again and again against the matchbox; the sound of it, repetitive, full of friction, irritating, told a tale of its own. something had struck deep. he looked at her, and there was a tonne of emotion in his gaze. looked like la had caught the thief with just that one act of pulling his hand and making him give her that sweet.

la. somehow always instrumental in that love of khushi and asr. it was she who employed khushi that day on a whim, she because of whom asr completely lost it with khushi and banished her to the guest house. her snide remarks and laughter that made him roar, "usska ek naam hai," and now her gesture that sparked a sudden burning heat in khushi and a smoulder in his gaze. it will be for her that khushi will be brought back to rm. and it will be her too that will be responsible for the two going off by themselves to nainital. watching asr hug la, khushi will feel a tear roll down her cheeks without knowing why. and of course, most memorably, it will be la who will understand what asr's slip of tongue really means.

ipk is perhaps the only show i've seen that created a character like la. you had to hate her, get irritated with her, want to slap her, but in the end love and respect is what she took when she left. practically dragging your heart to give her that.

when she asked him, if he'd enjoyed her keeping that fast for him, his answer was predictably, you know i don't believe in such things. he really doesn't, and it's a pity no one understood how much religion and the thing of the spirit is there in this man. without rituals, without dogma, without mantra and puja. maybe some day khushi would have discovered it, and been entranced. but for that the writing would have had to be still in the game.

as khushi left with payal, a little exchange of looks between akash and payal. how prettily love was seeking each player out. or whackily: mama ji revealed himself to be quite a lover boy too, the game of here's a sweet for you oops i ate it, hmmm. lot of chemistry between mano darling and her patidev, what. only expressed in the way of older people, behind closed doors, delightful little glimpses slipping out once in a way. not a very strong man, mama ji, perhaps a little cowed down before the powerful personality of his mother, but his own sense of humour and an indulgent air toward his always in a rumble patni made him interesting, endearing. akash seemed to have inherited his gentle ways from his dad. the contrasts in attraction and its expression between different people was lovely throughout.

parvati and shiv must be thinking, er when are we going to get some attention.

when khsuhi walked out, there was evidence the hide and seek hadn't ended. humari baat abhi khatam nahin hui.

while all were engaged, anjali waited, for her yeh to come. determined not to eat or drink a thing till he came, kept his promise. this had never happened before. she was distraught. days of not seeing him had worn her down. she depended on him for her sustenance. her brother and her husband, the two pillars of her life. one was by her side, here at the temple only because he always did as she asked him to.

where was he? asr urged her to eat something, but no. as stubborn as nani and her bro (i think someone else mentioned this too), anjali refused. she would pray and not touch food or water till he came.

and then he did come.

the devil hath power
to assume a pleasing shape.
~~~ william shakespeare ~~

again a breeze rose in the night. i listened carefully. was it like the one that wrapped khushi and the asr and the universe at the start of 40, the beginning of the day? no, here i heard a hidden hurricane, something sinister, a touch of destruction within. directors and sound editors used their keenest sensibilities to give us a glimpse of the future in short hand. (the hawaa really did baatein in ipk. no wonder khushi spoke to the winds about her love.)

suddenly, no more hide and seek. all feelings were out. everyone loved this yeh of anjali's. broke my heart to see the trust in her eyes, and the complete surrender in asr's. he believed this man to be good, not only for his sister, but really a good man.

after his father, he'd found no other man that he respected. till this one. i don't even wish to think what awaited this trust of his. some things are best hidden from. look at anjali, how she closes her eyes.

wanted to leave you with two caps that said things.

a delightful communication from the makers, this shot, from the first moment on, we are being made aware of anjali's two mainstays, and how they are arrayed. she is always in the centre. on either side of her, her two supports. or are they her devil and her angel?

my favourite shot today was this.

something in khushi is breaking out, can't take it. she doesn't know what it is, but this significant act by asr for la, one that husbands do for wives, is just getting to her. strike... strike... strike...


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