Saturday, 3 October 2015

shyam said it

"thoda dard hoga-a... par iss payr ko theek karne ka ek hi ilaaj hai."

shyam said this in episode 14 and did to buaji's foot exactly what asr did to khushi's in 110.

wow, i thought, i wasn't imagining it. it was a deliberate thing in ipk. almost everything asr did or said, that was significant, was done or said by someone else. often shyam... sometimes others, but presented another facet of the same thing. there was always this sense of reflections, mirrors, deja vu.

shyam and asr seemed to reflect two sides of something, as if the same thing passed through different material changes entirely and becomes something else, and reveals the nature of the material itself.

don't you think this thoda dard hoga and the foot treatment is too similar to be just a coincident or people running out of ideas?

similar dialogues often got said by different people in ipk. i used to wonder why... hitesh kewaliya not being able to keep up with the pace and demands of a daily soap? or was there something to it? a technique of story telling? creating recall and layering memory with what's unfolding before our eyes.

i am always intrigued.


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