Monday, 5 October 2015

episode 218 first night

he was about to turn away and leave. she said, no... don't go. they had just spent their first night together sleeping next too each other. that mangalsutra caught in his button, that moment when he turned and looked at it and paused, as if reluctant to leave but he must... etched in my mind. her little frown, feeling the tug... a natural perfect moment. two people belonging together in it.

she was not letting him go... he didn't want to go.

we'd started in darkness but when the sun rose a sight that brought peace...

you just wanted to sit and watch and not say a word, in case they woke up. asr and khushi lay next to each other on the chaise longue, fast asleep.
how comfortably he snuggled against her and how naturally she lifted her chin to make space for his head. his body and hers melded, contours flowing into each other. a creative's remark about how they were like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle that fitted perfectly came to mind. there was an innocence and an excitement in the visual. and a sense of rightness. this is how they should be, beside each other, sleeping without rancour, comfortably close. snuggling just the way they are.

the entire situation had come about in the most strange way, the way they had made it to the chaise longue, their bed for the night, was child like and full of that competitive asr khushi thing. through the night he'd gone around the narrow space, trying to get a comfortable position, balancing and grabbing onto his piece of chaise longue; as she had slept in a corner, oblivious to her circling satellite. 

in the middle of that, he'd managed to reach up and hold her head as he saw her sliding off precariously. such a natural scene. and so obviously a look into asr's state of heart. can't hate her, even if he wants to... his instincts won't allow it. that tucking his hand under her cheek to keep her head from dangling uncomfortably, a lovely sequence, alive with his love, his need.

nice direction and camera work. i loved the top shot of the two as the sun came up.

he woke up first and realised what had happened. her face was inches away from his and he had to stare, take the sight in, looked as if he was surprised and then he couldn't look away, he wanted her so... just then... he had to steal a few minutes simply looking at her, receiving into him what he could of her.

his hand came up again to hold her head, settle her in... he could not stay away. as she slept maybe he could let the tenderness through.

beautiful shots. i watch, my heart thudding and slowing to the rabba vey pace...

then she woke up and that surprise, followed by a murmurous emotion. the day sought something...right here... stay, it seemed to say, don't move.

lyrical really this silent set piece. asr and khushi on a chaise longue waking up next to each other after sleeping together for the first time.

a tender misty air, tremulous, precious...  and a hunger in it. well, this may not be di's idea of honeymoon, but it was beautiful and moving... and of course, since it was khushi and asr by sanaya and barun, there was plenty cool in it.

even as story jumped about a little disjointed, their love story never lost track. there was always a note of something stark and real about them. this is how, you could believe people got attracted, fell in love, made mistakes, made amends, fell deeper and deeper in love and a relationship got built.
necessity is really the mother of many splendid things. that wedding had been forced on the story. and yet, because of all sorts of things, they could not be shown to be together... so creatives had to work hard to come up with scenes of asr khushi rabba vey. i have no idea who came up with this part of the story, but showing them sleeping together that too on the chaise longue, was a wonderful idea. the bed might have been considered too much of a jump in their current acrimonious state... and somehow they looked just perfect on that sloping couch, so much a part of asr's life.

i enjoyed the fact that neither was in too much of  ahurry to get back to reality. the little tussle over the mangalsutra very pretty. again and again things belonging to her call out to him. and he must listen. the man who had ripped her dori, torn her dupatta, let her go from a higher floor... is yet to realise that resistance is futile. he is caught in that mangalsutra knot and getting out of it is not possible.

i am not much into the shameless use of signs of marriage, considered sacred by many, to tell a story of love... trying to get into and manipulate the emotional under layer of the audience. and even if they were not married and it was an ordinary chain that had held him back, i'd find it equally beautiful. for asr and khushi paint for me a love story that really is not bound by the norms of rigid custom and society.

they reach and elevate the idea of love beyond all that.

that mangalsutra... months ago, it had been her dupatta, a white untouched one that had trailed and lingered on the contours of his face, making him turn, eyes searching. that time he couldn't see her... this time, there she was... there she was.



some scenes from the night before they slept off... i liked kkgsr's gleeful, how could the mosquitoes bite you, they only drink sweet blood. i completely fell for his tenderness toward his hater on their sleeping place. 

now he can't talk... and a little more of look look how well khushi gets asr will be unleashed upon us... as if such an obvious ploy was needed to establish that. i liked her exasperated dialogue though... tell me what other "takniki kharabi" you have, bimari of sugar, allergy to agarbatti, and what else...

how could he say, helpless against the assault of one number khushi kumari gupta now singh raizada.

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