Thursday, 22 October 2015

the essential rebel

somewhere in the asr of episode 35, i saw bits of the man below. the rebel. an image that set the sixties apart from all other decades. the young man, not understood. by those around him, especially the older folk. the rebel with a cause. to defend his right to live his own life. his individual choices. with complete respect for others and their own choices. and if his right is not heard, he will leave. leave home. ah the concept, the fire, the impetuousness, the innocence, the beauty of this clean rage. 

looking at this image as i worked on it, i felt i saw a dark bar, smoke, a strain of e-flat horn rises and mingles with low laughter, a man drinking beer casually looking at a woman, faintly appraising eyes. whiff of danger in the air, but nobody seems to care. him leaving home came to mind.


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