Saturday, 3 October 2015


it's close to three years that ipk is over. but we are still chatting about it. avidly, incessantly. this was a tv soap, that too based on a story not extraordinary. a romance. the kind of thing that immediately brings on a slightly "oh, i am above that kind of thing" look on many faces. boy meets girl stuff. it was not the most well researched show in the world. it didn't have sophisticated plot lines or stuff that gets you nominated for the emmies. nothing "serious" there, not to be spoken about at places where we are busy talking about "worthwhile" shows and feeling secure that no one will laugh their heads off at us if we mentioned it. forget serious plot... no one after a point even knew what the plot might be... or where we were going. and yet, we are still talking about it. says something about the power of the very thing itself, i guess. i have really never seen such deep acting across so many many hours and this kind of chemistry.

this is part of a chat with a friend on india forums, about the early episodes.


hi, r...,

early episodes... totally sigh giving. yes, his wardrobe wasn't tired. h, he wasn't tired.

to steal an idea from telegraph (they coined unputdownable), he is unlookawayfromable.

i loved the black jacket he wore at the mazar... this dark jacket (click to see the jacket i mean), i wonder where it went. shoot had just started, he was fresh and lithe and hell bent on cracking asr... too good.

did you notice how terrific sanaya looked? also fresh, much slimmer, esp her face, the expressions somehow lighter and more fey... i can't imagine me watching kkg if any other actor were doing her. i am allergic to the whole notion of "bubbly"... i call it "kheenheen" with the n as in "main". i run from  such girls. but sanaya had me interested then giggling, then thinking, that's my girl or she surprised me with her attitude.

up to teej one abs deadliness, then up to wedding a slightly changed deadliness.

there was a lot in these episodes... things would be set up with so much care. and accents of all sorts added.

i also feel, camera had an easier flow... not too much of lingering on a thing to point it out to audience, more sophisticated, happy. editing too... no extra long pauses over key shots trying to establish a point... on rabba vey beautiful lingering and two actors pretty neat at filling the static state with enough electricity or "currents" as ami said... honestly, any other show gives me that long stay over couple in no motion nonsense, and i am flying off on my broomstick. but here... oh my poor broom stick, still resting against the wall and wailing.


after she asked for his ghar ka pata, that was his expression, a lovely cut... 


for some reason, this shot is getting me dhakdhakked. man drenched and temper coming in.

 in fact, the top shot there and where he begins to wipe his face, both, aaargh.



i hope you are permanently stuck here... why must i suffer all by myself. i need to fly off.

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