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episode 221 unpractised love story

"nani, nani! meri car ki keys dijiye please, nani, c'mon!" nani, please give me my car keys, nani, c'mon. how does just a tone of voice convey an entire relationship.

i have to say i felt a little bad for our "bahut bari ego hai meri" mr arnav singh raizada. yes, that ego of his, interpreted by his wife as his weighty ghamand, is rather substantial. but look at the state the women in his life reduce him to.

and he does have a penchant for crazy women, doesn't he? crazy and fairly strong willed, so unlike hindi soap women, so refreshing. di, mami, khushi... now just look at what nani is doing to him. she is not giving him his car keys, and with that nani grandson relationship of theirs he can't even snatch it away and stalk off. though he does try again and again to leave, but finally even the phone battery doesn't listen to him. my poor ego man.

i loved the exchanges with nani this episode. he can sense a game is on, but he has no idea what... he is in love with a jhalli and he is mad at her... now to exacerbate matters, nani is acting strangely and di is not willing to listen... he has to sit and watch what is pretty much anathema to him... and me.

honestly, when fancy dress competition got going, i was horrified. where were they taking us i wondered. even this episode with all its beautiful asr khushi moments had me hassled. the whole thing made no sense, suddenly some bizarre competition... along with star plus promoting its new shows, and that really bad compere.

however, jayshree t, barun sobti, sanaya irani, and utkarsha naik brought fun and meaning to the episode. i can never complain about the acting in ipk. it rarely fails. and the joy of consummate acting is paradoxically heightened when the writing is not what it could be.

we began with nani hijacking chhotey's car keys. at the same time, another key hunt continued. shyam looking for saaley saab's drawer key. that asr shyam mirroring of action or thought or emotion now feels familiar and very ipk.

khushi had had enough of her unnecessarily nasty arnav ji, so she let him have some sass.

both are pretty irritated with each other, and yet that totally uncontrollable feeling within them continues to have a field day. i believe lovers are often like that, even that tension, that ready to ignite anytime irritation, is a potent sign of pyaar.

how lovely that falling, catching, tumbling of curtain rods and the worried wife all over her injured husband, rubbing his forehead, blowing on it, asking, "
aa-aap theek hai? zyada dard ho raha kya?" are you alright? is it hurting too much?

and how acidity giving the man's lost look as she comes closer and shows her tenderness... just moments ago, he'd yelled, are you mad?

and why wouldn't he. madam had caught hold of his head and banged his forehead against hers... so as not to grow a horn. their foreheads had knocked once accidentally. now i would have yelled at kkgsr too, but i have grown up with the exact same superstition and done this twice head banging many times... why didn't we ever worry about growing two horns, why only one? but then must we always be logical? if we are, won't we miss the magic around us. the stuff no logic can ever comprehend or deliver.

i notice ipk writers are taking this logic magic divide pretty seriously and have completely bid farewell to the former.

oh never mind. nani is so adept at stringing khadoos grandson along, i am happy watching the tug of war.

and while she is managing chhotey, she is also setting up both him and her beloved khushi. you can't fool nani, she knows the two of them are warring, so a loving happy interference and a carefully executed plan... very very filmi.

in the middle of it, star plus's predictable plan... some promotion for a new show. two songs play, one has khushi going nuts dancing along with manorama... they almost hi five, but then that cool pull back by mami. what can a poor asr do but fall flat for his girl again, his eyes saying things he has decided his lips will refute.

the second song is a love song and creatives use it again to explore asr's helpless pyaar, khushi's confused, tremulous state at his nearness. very pretty. that earring of khushi's in asr's hand, why does it look so intimate always... a separate conversation between the two, in silence, through gestures.

finally the key is found.

nani has it. and it's called heer ranjha.

sanaya looked stunning. who could blame asr for staring.

khushi was too cute when she'd said earlier,
"matlab hum bhag nahin lenge..." does that mean we won't take part?

that was her, she loved tamasha, a little out of the everyday, drama, song and dance. exactly all that he had kept away from his life. focusing on the real, the rational, the dimaag things. here, even as things
between them are pretty bad, somehow it felt natural that she would be all excited about the competition. perhaps it's one way of not staying tied to what bothered her. instead letting something that made her happy, lighten things, make it easier to handle.

when nani finally turned the key and opened the lock to beautiful hamesha, neither khushi nor asr knew. she was worried she didn't know a thing. but then nani told her she knew it all really.

mr sab kuch mere control mein hai, who'd never dream of doing something without first practicing it and getting rid of all glitches, was brusque about doing this "
stoopid love story" which hadn't been practiced. what was the need to do it?

nani smiled benignly and looked very worried about her costume. ranjha was a male, pointed out her logical grandson. so the costume will be a male's, right?

without saying anything nani held the costume against the only male before her. the very very male in fact, her chhotey. ranjha.

as she has said earlier, since the one called chhotey acts all adult, she has to play and do childish things. after all she is nani... hum nani hain.

in the meantime manorama is dressed as krishna. where there's a game, how can nand kissore not be present.

talking of games, maybe we should start one called "who can say crazy how softly and how sexily?" what say.


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