Wednesday, 12 October 2016

a terrace one night

"apni aankhon se dekha hai tum dono ko ek saath... ek doosre ki bahon mein." how his voice dipped on that seen you in each other's arms. i was thinking of the scene as i lay in bed trying to get some sleep. almost felt like weeping. i picked up my phone and opened hotstar. barun had lost so much weight by 248, wiry thin, hair long, an unkempt look. not at all the tycoon of 27... but what reach in that acting of his. sanaya's too. as he advanced toward her and retreated, as the yearning to believe came into his eyes then vanished, as hope entered hers but had to be snuffed... i felt that longing to see them again. also the disbelief that this actually happened in a hindi soap on tv.



because you don't 
have a character episodes
episode rambles

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