Thursday, 13 October 2016

that sorry episode 2

lavanya and asr. they always make me smile. she is off to a party without him, in her short dress. thank h, the poor girl, constantly in those khushi like clothes which is just not her... though how hard she tries... girl's determined. also, she needs party. okay story needs party. but nicely written in, writers use it to sketch character further. asr totally cool about gf going to party on her own minus him. i like this man. just that hahha he can't take the ji ji. the irritated angry note is on from the beginning... because, of course, of one girl. not this one.

the moment he hears her name, oh that superb stop and poke head out... he who was about to slam the door in supreme indifference.

the meeting after that... she is hurt and upset, he wants to apologise... a little tremulous almost this nasty man. would he have managed to apologise? perhaps. but then how to get to the gazebo. la had to interrupt. then those palats... so much in their eyes, their body language... at this point of course, no idea we have of what's to come. 

a note of zany humour in "khushi, lavanya ki party mein?" writers really sparked so many emotions in us this episode. 

episode 84



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