Wednesday, 12 October 2016

episode 136 get the ishara?

koi kissise se milne wala hai...


janam janam ke liye, jiji!!

someone is going to meet someone... who?... for all their lifetimes, jiji!

one scene caught my entire attention and floored me this episode. it was a scene that had sort of made me pause and wonder when i first saw it, this time it seemed like the most significant part of story even though it lasted a few long seconds and there was nothing said.

as khushi went to close the door, a masculine hand, wrist covered in white, appeared and covered her fingers, it held a set of keys, car keys you could tell, it stopped the door from shutting. why did newton's laws of motion come to mind even if i barely recall them accurately, force, state of rest, motion, momentum, acceleration...

and the hand slowly pushed the door open.

khushi's eyes widened and her face held an expression one really couldn't read as arnav singh raizada came into view. slowly, deliberately and with unsmiling face. but even in his eyes there was a thing unfathomable, unusual. for a moment, time went calling on some other universe, and they stood vis a vis... just looking at each other.

then he took back the moment, brought it here and walked in almost brushing her aside.

there was a sense of a horizon opening out, some conversation happening in another plane... don't shut the door, i am here... who are you?... it's me... yes, it is you... shall we cross the threshold, go to our next universe... do you understand the ishara... are you here for all my lifetimes? koi kissise milne wala hai... janam janam ke liye...

the doorway has often been a place of story telling in ipk. almost like a border, a gateway to something new, wondrous. one can sense many meanings here or just the plain factual one, but i had a feeling the directors wanted us to read more, sense more. how carefully the shot is taken and edited. the depth of field almost not there as we see only the faces, the gazes, the touch, the stop, the wonder, the feeling of another space where only he and she exist, and a key and two hands colliding accidentally... but really there are no accidents... sometimes i think there's only you and me in this universe... kabhi kabhi mujhe lagta hai, khushi... he says that later.

this was certainly a space where only they were there... and all the laws of motion, as they whirled away igniting each other, in search of nothing and everything toward that inner utter peace.

that key... it looked terrifically masculine dangling from that sure, confident thumb. there was a maleness about it hard to describe or deny, her fragile long fingers never moved or jerked back, as if unconsciously prepared for that touch.

mannat ki chabi. there was always a key somehow symbolic, telling a story. doors were being opened, galaxies crossed, arnav singh raizada was stepping right up and meeting khushi kumari gupta, this was the ultimate chakkar, orbiting... love ka chakkar (as mano memorably said), the wheels and orbits of love.

pretty neat, the way of course on those words editor cut to asr and kkg looking at each other... while we were speaking of payal and akash's love.

the writers and directors had had fun telling the bit they had assigned to this episode. khushi was delighted and it of course manifested in a show of complete sanka... she jumped about and chirped what seemed like nonsense but wasn't and yes, ishara, sign, one of her fave words... writers possibly wanted us to read the ishara.

lifelong commitments were the topic of the day, ostensibly akash and payal's. but look a little away from mami's deadly pink and kundan ire, di's beaming delight, nani ji's gracious progressive words, payal's tremulous joy, akash's happy confusion, bua ji's astonishment, garima's stammering wonder and all you see is a girl in green with the widest grin and something in her eyes, a man flat out killer in white with that same something in his... this is forever.

tum door hi raho toh achha hai... if you stay away it's better, he may snap, but his eyes long for the reverse.

she's put haldi on his cuff. what could be symbolic of a shadi, a wedding.

no, he doesn't eat sweet, she chimes in quickly when bua ji goes to give him mithai.. yeah, she is the one who must watch out for him...

aasmaan, sky, akash.. her charade was all about somehow saying what she was told not to. amma didn't guess akash... but yes, aasmaan, paani tapak raha hai... rain, skies, a man called ocean...

ah allusions. the isharas.

the whole episode was rich in those things.

there was also the endearing straight talk of ipk on nani's lips, something indian serials rarely see... even mami spoke clearly about love/pasand, a family that values tradition but is not blind and mired in things irrelevant. love is a great reason to get married... there is acceptance of that and the positive idea that you still start belonging to each other's families and everyone's happiness is sought through the alliance.

nani saying, yes, mano darling is not pleased but they have "manay rahi" her... that she is nasty on the outside but a lovely person within, that she will keep her daughter in law happy... ah such straight and real talk. there's no doubt nani gives a lot of her directness, her strength, her attitude to her favourite angry grandson.

of course, most times i was passing out looking at asr and nothing registered.

today again khushi was beautiful... a glow almost in her and that wide eyed innocent yet strong appeal. her sunniness was out and bright and not at all affected. her complete dhakdhak sanka in the kitchen, ha ha ha, only kkg, only sanaya.

must say, payal and akash rather sweet. beautifully done sudden proposal by raizadas scene. and why don't we just bury the snake in that room... don't let him escape.


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