Thursday, 13 October 2016

that sorry episode 3

she is standing there thinking of what the laad governor said to her. out of the blue, the words come. well, she has seen him for the first time after his mega anger and pushing away of her, after a lot of emotional upheaval. so, no, it's not really strange. he has hurt her badly. and no matter how hard she tries, she can't set it aside... baat aapki hai. anyone else, and she may have not been this upset, but already what he says has started mattering a lot. and he has done nothing to make sure she hurts less, never forgetting to lace everything with a bit of aukat talk.

she turns and it's him.

that "khushi..." my knees froze.

awkwardness, a tender something, and the next moment they are yelling at each other... i love this exchange. so so natural. when you're aware of each other and you really don't know why but yet the other person is never just another guy, another girl... conversation is never as it is with others. 

it's getting intense. then suddenly... have you bought all the daring in the world?...

the look on his face. just a strain of humour but lots of friction, fire... khushi is ranting, losing control... the completely funny angry, "what nonsense!" from suit boot man who has been told by behenji to go, not bother her and then this daring talk... really what non...

she must tell him off and there goes madam overstepping the mark... such flawless signs of attraction... that weird ownership. she can tell him what she likes... at least when she is not thinking. not thinking... it's all about that, isn't it. just feeling. whatever. anything. usually anger... that's how some things reveal themselves to us i guess.

a bit of humour but then she wipes a tear and agony. he must say sorry... he must. where's she.

in the meantime, writers have used every intercut to show where a pretty unforgivable guy getting wary of an astute man. i never noticed that babu ji saw the mark of ring on the cad's finger. mami said things that gave hintiya of isstory. poor akash, he was too cute once.

episode 84 


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