Thursday, 13 October 2016

that sorry episode 6

he's rattled. she's almost euphoric... rula hi diya has something good in it. she never ever thought that fellow would apologise, she also had no idea how that would make her feel. they are both making each other pagal... smartly, the word is brought in via payal... the episode has taken me through so many feelings and now that euphoria hums along and comes nearer. yes, cry, asr and look bombed at the overflow of "sorry". drink your tea, khushi. and mull over those confusing feelings. by the way, i loved your rant at him and telling him all about your fears... said you trusted him though you really didn't know it. just as he will, when he'll ask you, can my mother see me, does she like what she sees... beautiful writing and extraordinary acting. light yet deep, a little soap in it and yet so real.

edit: indu just pointed out he had already shared his innermost and lingering pain with her when he had brutally pushed her away saying, so one knows how one feels when one returns after cremating ones parents... there was already a funny sort of trust between the two. 


episode 84


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