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episode 132 it's a deal

i agree with asr, this thing is a deal. love between two people. what is it, if not a deal that the heart makes with eyes closed and without heeding caution...? putting all its assets on the line, targeting unlimited, endless gains. if you crack this one right, makes this life... a life. not mere existence. so yes, asr, i understand absolutely what you mean when you say, i think this deal will be good. and much later when he calls her his life's biggest deal, i want to swoon at his tone of voice and the connotation. the ultimate deal maker thinks she is the one, the biggest hottest deal for him. me not complaining.

it was interesting to watch the two, asr and khushi, act protective toward their siblings, turning downright aggressive and obnoxious with each other. and of course, pushing payal and akash to one side, completely out of the date that poor akash had so desperately set up.

he said he didn't want his bro to be halwai. she said, huh, not keeping my sister under the control of laad governor.

so he discovered she called him laad governor. a spectacular expression was bestowed upon this effrontery by one so irritating and halwai-ish. did he imply being a confectioner is a bad thing? oh, the class conscious raizada, maybe he's just mad at all halwais because he can't gobble sweets. okay, i will not be easy on him about this... he is ughly uppity and unnecessarily derogatory about someone's parent and people of a whole profession.

and how rude was that, "tum dono behene din mein sapne dekhna band karo," stop having absurd dreams, you two sisters. really, brusque, nasty, arrogant... even your good looks right now are not cutting no ice, sir.

payal was fabulous... and gave akash a much needed reality check. yes, you are in love with me and imagine you can't live without me. but what do you know about me? do you know that my baraat went back and i was left at the mandap?

was it on purpose the writers made asr say such hateful things? so that when he realised the truth of the night in sheesh mahal, his reaction is even more of a contrast, making the viewer empathise more keenly? fact is, i know wonderful strong super exciting people who say terrible things at times. it hints at some not too nice notions in their heads, but more often it speaks of how rattled they are about something. and really, asr was completely taken aback to see his bro-like coz with payal... the sis of the girl he is struggling desperately not to let matter. he sort of lost it and his worst side came to the fore.

khushi was no less aggressive and rude. again, because her sis being in a relationship with anyone related to this man, the man she can't hate however mean he may be, bothered her no end.

"aap nahin jaante... lekin yeh... yeh toh sab jaante hain na..." payal was distraught, the pressure of wanting someone but knowing it can't be. she tells him, you didn't know about that night, but he... he knows everything, meaning asr, of course. i am talking about that day when you...

"jiji!" with one quiet but insistent call, khushi stopped her sister from going there. too painful.. for everyone. a beautifully intense and timeless moment set in a scene marked by lightness, youth, the here and now.

as the girls leave, she turns back for an instant, he looks at her... just a little contact where a whole memory sits, pearls scattering. he looks nonplussed, so unlike him. a minute ago he was yelling and calling her names. ah, so human, these two.

then in a drenched voice, "chalo, jiji..." and the girls leave.

it isn't easy being a girl in this world. the thought came over me as i watched the two young women. when you are naturally the second gender, the one at the receiving end, whose aims, ambitions all become secondary to the men in your lives, it's a tough world. a man can walk out on a woman at the mandap, that too for dowry... it doesn't taint him, it taints her. where's the justice in this. yet that is what happens.

he offers to manage the meeting... a feeling for his brother. sweet.

and as he gets out of the car, a look on his face heralding a difficult memory (the look is so perfect, i didn't edit it, just let the cap be). she's falling, running, "please hume ghar jaane dijiye..." i need to go home, otherwise my sister's marriage will break. "toh toot jane do shadi..." then let it break, his cruel answer, not believing a word she said. suspicious of her, certain she'd come there with an ulterior motive. his long held wariness about women surfacing in the worst possible way.. what a night. and what he did to a girl, her family...

pearls scattered.

"maine usski baat kyun nahin suni, woh sach kah rahi thi, meri wajah se unki behen ki shadi..." why didn't i listen to her, she was speaking the truth, because of me her sister's wedding... he slams the car.

a beautifully frenetic payal.. we're not talking about what happened... leave me alone for a while. khushi is perplexed. even talking to dm isn't helping. then the dupatta takes over. akash's gift falls on jiji, and she can't help but hold it and weep, speaking of her helplessness... "humare haan kahne se kya hoga akashji humare naseeb mein aapka pyaar nahin... hume maaf kijiye... hum baar baar aapka dil todne ke liye majboor hain,"

what's the good of my saying, yes. your love is not in my fate... forgive me... i have to deny you time and time again.

khushi watches this whole thing and at last she understands. i guess when she first saw payal and akash, the zing of laad governor was on her, and she didn't make the obvious connection. but now she knows she has to set things right... and the way to do it is to talk to that arrogant...

in a touching scene, asr realises how smitten his coz is. he doesn't like to watch his family suffer... bit of a don, our asr... he must solve the problems his fam faces. and don't mess with his family, if you know what's good for you..

"akash?" just one word... a world of love and concern, the slightest grain and hoarseness in the voice.

"payal ji ne dobara mana kar diya..." payal ji said "no" again, akash is sad, forlorn, lifeless. he says a key thing about love... there is no "wajah"  no reason for loving... you just love.

then a difficult question, "jiss din usski shadi tooti... kya hua tha uss din..." the day her marriage broke, what happened. asr won't answe that question but he did ask...

"i'll ask you just once... are you sure of your feelings... dekho yeh pyaar wyaar mujhe samajh nahi ata.." see all this love and things, i don't understand. no he doesn't, because he has decided there's no place for it in his life. if anything, it's an impediment... a thing that leads to terrible things. but again, in his typical liberal way, he's not stopping anyone else from feeling it or wanting it.

in fact, once he's convinced that it is what akash is very sure of and after marrying payal will not regret it, he says with alacrity, "ok then it's done, agar yeh tumhare liye itna important hai... toh main yeh deal final karwake rahoonga," if this is so important to you then i'll make sure the deal is closed.

"lekin, bhai... wo..." but, bhai... akash is floundering. really, akash, there's a limit to being clueless i feel like yelling.

"bas, bol diya na!" now i've said it, that's it.

"bol toh diya lekin... kaunsi deal?" you said it, but what deal, wonders the lost lover.

chalo bhai ke bhavan bhavan bhavan...

i need to give an award to the creative who chose khushi's ring tone. it is maddening, irritating, dancey, feels gota covered, unforgettable. what a perfect answer to the brief the director must have given.

his call to her leads nowhere, as she is still unaware of jiji's true feelings. but then they both try to call each other at the same time. 

he's completely frazzled at not getting through...

"zaroor apne fiance se baat kar rahi hogi," she must be talking to her fiance, he sounds practically jealous. and so what if she is, mister.

"kisse baat kar rahi thi tum..." who were you talking to... the moment she picks up the phone. so cute.

these interactions, the irritated, aware of each other repartee and conversations and fights between the two, these are classic ipk. and their unwittingly overstepping boundaries, always a little further in than their relationship allows them to be, such a fantastic way to portray attraction... a powerful attraction really that doesn't allow you to remain cool in the other's presence... you are always slightly aflame when the other one is there. and you say things you wouldn't to others.

and so it is that they go out on their first hot date. they must meet to bring their siblings together. and for the sake of that love, their own private nafrat must be suspended for a while. whatever the excuse, asr and khushi are in a restaurant, just the two of them together.

and in all the fun and games that followed again i saw asr fall madly for khushi kumari gupta one more time. bitten badly by the love bug.

of course, the cue to craziness came from the chair chase... "aree hum yahan baithne wale hain..." arre, i am about to sit here, yelled she when he again pulled out the chair she went to. "i know tabhi chair pull kar raha hoon..." i know, that's why i am pulling the chair out, replied the suave one as small town girl showed her ignorance, but ever so cutely.

when she cut in "don't put sugar!" in his coffee, she was told that it would be served separately... but he couldn't stop himself from being touched by her concern, nor she hide her awkwardness at blurting it out... always an overstepping of boundaries... that attraction. such tenderness in these moments.

and when she sort of admitted, "aap sahi the..." you were right...

he couldn't let the moment pass. all of asr in his self satisfied know all air, "main kabhi galat nahi hota..." i am never wrong.

how can a man look so smug and so hot at once. brilliant acting... just plain brilliant. so many ways to deliver that line... how did he choose the right one and the perfect expression to match. urbane, polished, intelligent, just the right amount of arrogance, and a bit of humour... a little bit of a flirt there? just a wee bit, maybe?

"chalo kum se kum ek biskut phree toh mil gaya." oh good, at least got a free biscuit, she said, after fretting over having to fix one's own tea and paying so much.
and somewhere between her biting the pack to tear it open and his eyes moving, his lips turning up at this jhalliness, i believe he fell again in love with her... these were the things that made keema of all his koshish. no amount of trying to get over such a girl was gonna work.

i had felt his heart go thud when he found her in his wardrobe, one eye shut, then when she admitted she couldn't find orange juice and so poured mango juice into his shoe, at odd bizarre utterly and only khushi sanka moments i think he really fell in love. of course, her kindness, her innocence, her love of fam, her courage, her beauty, all of what was khushi he loved, but it was at these moments that i think his heart did crazy things.

when asr really met khushi. no baggage, no misconceptions, no barriers. just him and her. two people... meant to meet. a man and a woman. a boy and a girl...

perhaps he felt his heart flip, and wanted to move away quickly, so with an amused, adult air, taking back control, he said, "khushi, agar tumhari chai aur biskutt ki important conversation khatam ho gayi ho toh akash aur payal ke baare mein baat kar sakte hain?"

khushi, if your important conversation about tea and biscuit is over shall we talk of akash and payal? 

and they spoke of the deal they would help clinch... while the biggest deal of his life got going.


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