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episode 137 khushi's crazy uncle

it has to be one of my most favourite asr kkg moments, that white sleeved arm coming out and pushing the door open, even as she struggled to reach it as she took her father back to his room.

and the look asr gave khushi, how much was in that... how can all the time so much be said without using practically any words. back in communications class, we often talked of subliminal communication, non verbal communication, etc. with these two one gets a complete sense of that.

earlier he had pushed open a door when she least expected it. now again. maybe all this means something. even if it doesn't, the way he looks at her and she responds, it's hard to imagine these are actors and that isn't love, just make believe.

of course, shashi ji has recognised anjali and is beside himself with worry and a desperation to communicate the truth about shyam. "sya... sya..." he calls out. khushi understands it's shyam he speaks of... but she doesn't even begin to guess what the truth might be, although she knows both anjali's husband and her fiance have the same name.

in the sitting room there's talk of calling khushi's mangetar, fiance. the look of ire and that something else on asr's face is again talkative as hell, shyam babua is mentioned again and again. yet, all these fairly intelligent people, none of them connect the two names when all hell breaks lose later post kidnap... of course, asr doesn't believe khushi when she tells him the facts. no one seems to recall that bua ji had clearly uttered khushi's fiance's name and it was shyam. 

a beautiful look exchanged between the two lovers over the fiance search. the lovers quite unaware of their intense attraction, one deciding to relegate it to acidity and the other hellbent on running away from any and all tender feelings coming over him. but he keeps being terrifically sweet to her today.

clearly this is arnav singh raizada's dil at work. the same one which he complains about to khushi one evening on a telepathic chat. '"itni koshish ki, maine itni zyada koshish ki tumse nafrat kar sakoon... par main tumse nafrat kar hi nahin paya, mera khudka dil meri baat hi nahin maanta,"  i tried so hard to hate you but i couldn't, my own heart wouldn't listen to me.


he'd told her it's best if she kept away from him, but he couldn't stop himself from rushing to help her. as he stood there watching her fret over babu ji, he looked so concerned, maybe he recalled how important her father was to her, and her fear and despair at the hospital. when he came out of the room, he hesitated and looked back, something was bothering him... as he left their place he saw khushi hugging her sister in great joy, he watched, his eyes seemed to twinkle as if he were really happy to see her so thrilled... maybe he did a little bit of all this not just for akash, but also for the girl who means nothing to him.

then came that sublime hesitation and his decision at last to come back. khushi was totally taken aback. he wanted to speak to her alone? no, not her, her sister. kkg jumped in front of payal protectively. he looked sternly at her, looking even more drop dead gorgeous if it were possible and said with his impeccable delhi amriki accent, "leave us alone."

payal was lovely as she told her sis to be reasonable and let him talk to her. khushi pouted. asr frowned. does this man practice his frowns? how does he get them to look this good? inbhestigasson kareka padi.

thankfully, the favourite ipk rescue devise, the phone... it rang.

out came "hay.. haylo," kkg style.

and a few feet away, a quick "sorry," asr style.

i loved that scene, everything about it. payal was magnificent, asr was moving... then with a touch of the comic khushi barged in. she heard what was being said... and again was struck by a million emotions. tears threatened to pour, a tremulous smile its first indication.

payal said the trouble was khushi believed the breaking of payal's wedding was all her fault.

a man who said he had no heart in his chest, who said she meant nothing to him, jumped in protectively, "usski koi galati nahin hai..." it's no fault of hers.

again i felt that traction, something entered and settled in my heart. this was a feeling that needed no name, just needed to be cherished and pondered... if need be in lengthy essays on a hindi tv serial, even if people thought one was mad for doing that.

lovely writing and direction all through. episode was so thick with meaning and beauty and every kind of emotion... hate, love, nurturing, wonder, joy, sadness, sombreness, playfulness, comedy, an exciting sexual tension.

he said that and immediately noticed khushi was standing right there, she had overheard him.. she was reacting and he knew she was getting really emotional. tears in her eyes.

he attempted what he had to. a quick get away. by the way, has he grown even more lithe and there's a catlike grace to his movements which is causing fairly severe breathing problem this side of the screen.
she gave chase... he had to listen to her... he turned back and said, okay, tell me. she started saying what she waned to, clearly she was going to be nice.

could he risk that? his instincts leapt in to protect him khadoos asr man of dimag, just as he'd repeatedly moved with alacrity to shield her. the same momentum with which he'd suddenly turned and blocked her, he turned away and marched off... seems he didn't want to hear what she had to say.

of course, he didn't. it might touch him too much and no way could he let that happen.

such fascinating play of a so many subtle and not so subtle emotions of attraction across the episode.

she rushed after him and did something totally bizarre. she took the air out of his tyre with a hair pin. i felt all sorts of things coming through, led chiefly by a sense of extreme sexual tension that makes you almost giddy headed and you need some sort of release...

for the past two days they'd been too close too often... planning together, wholly immersed in a shared project, not being nasty, sensing each other's emotions, especially he could feel her many feelings for her family and was clearly moved... and just as by the poolside on diwali night there was the "wo sab" she didn't understand and that left her breathless, so also this caring protective man, gently asking her questions, there for her, apologising to her sis, saying she is not at fault.

it was all a bit too much.

something had to be done to go back to even keel... a little nafrat times. back to laad governor and sanka devi equation.

thwarted when she tried to be nice, khushi opted for nasty. and the tyre went flat. she stood grinning her head off, while he looked stunned then freaked out.

now you'll have to stay... she declared.

he swung out of his car and did some more of that lithe killer walk ending up right before her, angry and incredulous. what the f... went his angry voice, while his eyes grew most ungentle. are you crazy, he asked.

by now, her reply possibly didn't surprise him any more.

aap crazy, she retorted of course. he turned back to leave. i was intrigued. no real yelling again. he was really crazy, wasn't he? for her.

she did her sorry aur dhanyavad  bit. he stopped, rabba ve notes wandered in on a lilting note, a little inquisitive... asr looked at her quizzically.

yeah, he reminded me of mills and boon words a lot today.

when she said there's a reason for her weird words, he muttered under his breath since when does she need a reason to talk. sounded like  a possessive, smitten lover to me. his "isse" and "usse" sound so intimate, almost caressing. never have i heard the third person singular sound this endearment like. and that avoiding of all eye contact or conversation about his apology to payal... again it said he cared too much and needed to not be found out, by anyone else or even himself.

he couldn't help himself and began to smile a bit at what she'd said, when again sanka attack, she summarily wished him bye and told him to leave.

oh that look on his face when he processed this. that smile which said, she's crazy, ah well... i love her just like that whispered something amid all that shrug and bye and cocked head and amused half smile.

turned out, he didn't know how to change a tyre. they wrangled a bit over it, what! you can't change a tyre?! yeah so, big deal!

of course, the jalebi maker was also an expert tyre changer. she might not be able to push a car but change tyre she is expert at.

we went right back to the adversaries mode of lovers, a little aggression, skirmishes, constant contact of another kind, through anger, ire, irritation... but contact.

kids laughed at him, really why are kids constantly making fun of this man... anyway, they called him "uncle".

then she referred to him as uncle.

he was genuinely horrified.

she fixed the new tyre and prayed for a good and safe journey. obviously writers were dropping major isharas, hints about something...  a new track maybe? i was never good at understanding all this. so i just gawked at the fabulous romance.

she refused to say sorry to him. but khushi, he is also going to thank you for changing the tyre... not.

ha, the man had the last word.

such a game of love, this last word getting.

a young beautiful funny girl in tight churidar and a young totally handsome guy in formals, that too grey and white, changing a wide, heavy tyre together, well  he did help her roll it into place... all this looked unbelievably erotic and also cute at once. asr and khushi always evoke layered nuanced response.

she called a spanner... paana... the hindi for "to get". paana hai... need to get, she called out. kya paana hai? what do you need to get, he barked back, frowning. again much more than what was said, was said.



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