Thursday, 13 October 2016

that sorry episode 4

an arrogant, cool man and a crazy jhalli girl... they mustn't meet, they are not meant to meet, their worlds are separate. but does the gazebo know that... do the fairylights care. a young man and a young girl stand before me, both have known the same terrible, terrifying moment... no matter what brought it on, that moment of becoming vulnerable, defenceless, shelterless. they both are orphans... orphaned suddenly, both parents gone at once, the same night. and he just needs to say sorry to her... and she needs to tell him how much he has hurt her...

how do you keep your tycoonness intact despite this moment? how do you go back to being the happy jhalli who never cries despite this breakdown... oh, that say sorry she flings at him. then the aukat talk... he has crossed the mark too often, hurt her, dammit.

every time i see this scene, that intense sense of connection.

episode 84


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