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episode 131 two by two

season has certainly changed in ipk, wasn't this man just telling that girl she means nothing to him only last evening? and he was yelling to make sure she got the point... or was it to ensure he got the point... well, someone got the point hopefully. the intensity of it, from episode 124 and "yeh humari sagaai ki angoothi hai" right up to yesterday was simply finishing us off. though i have to say, i loved being killed this way... slow, painful death with just the right amount of extreme asr gussa.

but ipk writers have great instincts, they play us beautifully. they take us to deep shaking up sort of emotions, and when they suss we could do with a break, in fact a break is essential, otherwise we wouldn't feel the depth deeply enough, they pull a little string and whoosh the curtain of light frothiness falls and away we go to another world, knowing the other one waits there and we'll be back some day.

after all, if it were monsoon all year round would we write songs to the rain?

looks like after that tempest of rage, something was cleansed. and a quietly sliding door opened his highness's dil or dimaag to some basic truth lurking within. the man apologised, though stealth style, and then even as he held his fiance in his arms, looked longingly at the girl leaving the room. once upon a time she had shown her turmoil at the same sight via escaping tear, this time it was his turn to show his uncontrollable feelings, also not formally taken note of.

formally, they belong to other people. but when it comes to a sense of ownership... chame to you.

what i truly appreciate is that our writers are not irresponsible. lightness too is put to great use, both to take story forward, and to expand on that pyaar and its many nuances. rarely have i seen humour so cool yet useful. of course, delivered by actors who seemed to balk at nothing. how they switched from tear making stuff to giggle giving without the intense chemistry between these two beings ever leaving the scene. even rabba ve was not necessary to feel that.

okay, the episode.

akash is wearing his clothes inside out... an ipk way of hinting at lau... remember khushi ji with her other way round kurta? "akash itna blush kyun kar rahe ho... koi hot date hai ..." why's akash blushing, hot date, huh? la's prattle always makes me grin. when she's not turned into an idiot by writers, she's kinda the closest to "normal" among all. i love the way she calls khushi to do this or that... peremptory yet loving; a girl brought up in a well off family with servants all around... generous of heart because she's always got more than enough... not mean spirited, not too deep maybe, but remarkable in her own way... lots of potential (i remember that phrase from childhood, such a seventies way of saying it). the only thing missing from her life was love. a man's forever sort of love.

and that she seeks from a man who is more than capable of it, but alas, she doesn't trigger that feeling in him. for that he needs the jhatka of gota, the tadka of "woh santre ka juice nahin mila na," a sprinkling of pompom, a generous dash of "phree biskut," some ramanchi, and other such mysterious things.

"di, chamkili ab tak kyun nahin ayee..." why isn't chamkili here yet, wonders la, again helpfully reminding him of the one that shines and beckons... he remembers her drenched yet composed little voice saying, i know my being here or not makes no difference, "main janta hoon hamare hone ya na hone se..." he needs to get out of the house...

found that reaction interesting... the restlessness, the need to get away.

akash is khoya khoya chand (sorry no translation, or maybe... lost lost moon?)... fixing hair... fretting, nervous. his bro, the imperturbable raizada is wondering what's wrong with his placid sweet akash. a funny scene with a decidedly male what the air.

when asr's "main tumse meeting ke bare mein pooch raha hoon..." i am asking you a question, gets akash's "pata nahi wo kya jawab dengi..." don't know what she'll say... the deal making off to work guy can't take it, thsi daftness, "what are you saying?" and that look, one had to guffaw.

"bhai, meri shirt kaisi lag rahi hai?" bro, how's my shirt?

"mr sharma?" mr sharma, who?

"are you ok?" the look on asr's face.

9.40am attack is on at gh too. payal dithers. khushi talks at cross purpose and a nice sequence in situational comedy style.

it was wonderful to see the gentle love story take off . and in its ambiance, the kya naam doon love story take several steps in the right direction, albeit with attendant yelling screaming laad governoring and khushikumarigupating too. dil dimaag wars came to the fore. and another four letter word got uncensored exposure... deal. 

poor akash fumbles desperately over whether the client is "naya" or "nayi."

khushi chases her jiji with batwa, purse. always in ipk people forget things here and there. look what a mess that payal got jhalli into... and what mesmerising madness.

phone and forgotten things, how would ipk have managed without these.

akash buys gift for "client." "payal? payal kiske liye?" anklet for whom, wonders asr. this is too much... now he has to interfere ha ha.

"oh, hero, dekhke chal zara," hey, hero, watch where you go, warns the irate auto driver as asr crosses the road without looking left or right, chasing after akash. echoing laughter from me... yes, hero, you have no idea what you're rushing into.

"o madam paise dijiye!" miss kkg in her rush forgets to pay the auto man.

hero and madam set out on a mission interference.

while snake sets up candlelit black magic.

an episode that speaks of three pairs of lovers really, and shows us many sides of this crazy thing called pyaar.

akash so wants to give his, but the taker is terribly smote by life, afraid to reach out.

anjali is immersed in her feeling to a point she can't see what's what, again life's taken its toll and she wants an escape from reality. hiss knows that and uses precisely this weakness to stay close to his first love... cold hard cash. no wonder then when she asks in that candlelit room,
"yeh toh bataiye aaj kaunsa mauka hai jiska hum jashn mana rahe hain..." tell me then, what's the opportunity today that we celebrate, he replies "mauqa toh aap hain, raanisahiba..." the opportunity is you, raanisahiba. has a candlelit room ever felt more obscene, the breath of the beast upon the flames.

then there's hero and madam. who have no idea how much of a faraq they give.

"akash!" he calls out.

"jiji!" says she.

 gust of wind.

and a beautiful turn toward each other... first notes of hm hm hm and his nasty little "tum!!" love the contrast in the feeling and the expressed tone of voice. layers again.

interestingly, when they return to the same scene after the break, the music is different. comedy is cued.

the what are you doing here altercation takes off. of course, she is not answerable to him, nor he to her, but who's to tell them that.

i am falling flat at the cuteness of the tycoon. instead of just shutting jhalli up with a scathing look, he is all aggression and fighting away. huh. can't walk away from jhalli, she really gets his goat, teehee. can he hear himself talk?

"mujhe tumhe jawab dene ki koi zaroorat nahin hai... mera jahan dil chahega main wahan jaaoonga, tumhe iss..." i don't need to give you an answer... wherever my heart wants i shall go...

your heart? er, did he mention his heart? my pulse rate is falling.

"chame to you," yells the english major.

"what?" yeah someone had to shut you up.

"same to you," m'lady has found her consonant.

"excuse me, table for two?" enter the hapless waiter. unconscious adder of fuel to fire.

"ji... 2... 2... ek inke liye or ek inke akad ke liye," yes, two two, one for him and one for his stubbornness.

the two, whose date our two are crashing, see each other and ting ting ting... sweet gentle love music in. mad love takes rest.

payal wants to be here yet not be here. akash is so open and generous, she has no idea how to escape. finally, he falls on his knees before her and in front of a restaurant full of people, declares his love...

no guile, no pride, only love. how can anyone deny that? and payal is almost swayed.


hero and madam intrude. loudly and rudely. tch tch, no feel for lau, these two. feeling, khushi ji, feeling (sorry, i know i shouldn't have peeked into 135 and stolen your line, but really, can you see yourself here? and that tone of voice, sigh.)

a 2... 2... cute episode. and did she really say, "chame to you?" or i just misheard the whole thing? whatever.


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