Saturday, 22 August 2015

beyond thought beyond reason to iss pyaar

before the owner could think or even knew it, the hand rose in a hypnotic arc slowly and touched the playful lock of hair on her cheek, her forehead, pushing it back tenderly, wondering, caressing behind her ear. and then the hand stayed there, just holding her cheek, just wanting to stay there, not leave.

she was alive to his electric touch, its effect coursing through her entire being, she clutched her sari... what was that, anticipation? and she never turned her face away. never said, "stop, no." she stood there her back against the wall, waiting, just waiting for him to finish what he had started.

maybe there was nothing else in the universe at that moment.

this was pure unadulterated chaotic mind altering magic.
and intoxication. of innocence of lustre of beauty of sheen of a hidden burning flaming untried unspoilt unmarred desire. how her gaze hid its truth, how her fidgeting hands, her heaving bosom revealed it anyway, how he yearned to gather it all close to him, against him, all of it, his.

swirling winds and stirring music mixed with the first notes of "jadoo hai nasha hai," and desire as we'd see it onscreen got redefined in one long take and what was to follow. my ears feel their heat, my hands tremble almost touching their passion. my head loses all thought as theirs do too. long time ago in a movie called poltergeist, they had this story of a creature from television coming out and grabbing a kid. well, one may laugh at this, but honestly, this scene has had that effect on me every single time i have seen it. poltergeist. that's what it is.

a few fairly cliche things: woman in red, night, flickering lights, water, two good looking people, the right kind of music, passion being drawn by a director and his actors. we have seen this before. but ever like this? i am full of admiration for the art and complete understanding of a moment by each and everyone involved.

a man and a woman and a sensation that is too powerful to even begin describing. tonight it broke limits and the ocean breached the shore flowing over and the shore melted, merged and said, submerge me.

when she came up against the wall, she stopped. and quivered, and trembled and waited. the longest moments of desire burgeoning, just with eyes emoting, a face swooping, eyes losing focus, getting inebriated, lips half open asking, begging, yes frightened. something unknown something unbelievably exciting on the way. 

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