Wednesday, 26 August 2015


come fall with me
through the girdles of time
touching each instant that time did spell
so you and i could fall through every single one
together, fall with me

come fall with me
through every fear the mind does spin
i'll hold you, let your heart harness me
even if every fear comes haunting and comes
true, fall with me

come fall with me
or what is this dark space this prismatic creation for
if you and i will not plunge into one another
and let it all go in one single terrifying
unifying fall, fall with me

come fall with me
let me fall and find my end my echo in you
fall in me and leave eternity there
you and i till that and between us does go
forever, hamesha fall with me

thoughts on episode 239 and that entrancing though highly implausible flower shower and before that, the fall.

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