Sunday, 30 August 2015

the second episode

a half smile on shashi ji's face as we hear the sound of khushi's scooter. touched me, that's father daughter, that's "sneha," the love a parent feels for a child. first strokes of khushi babu ji ties he

the first "tum theek ho," from a mother to her child. i've often wondered if those three words were some sort of sign language or talisman for the show.

of course the famous snapping of pearl dori, the first advance and retreat, the first "aukaat," and the beginning of a thread of thought that would culminate in a spectacular fight in the guest house one beautiful night: stop talking like that about my sister, what if someone spoke like that about your sister...

khushi, asr, babuji, amma, bua ji, payal, all characters opening up, perfect lines in just the right language. to understand bua ji, i need to learn some colloquial hindi. hansi-thatta, bahar udham machai... reminds me of bangla, obviously u.p. and bengal had much movement of people between them and language traveled. or whatever, but really colourful, those names she calls khushi.

amma is not her biological mother, and yet she is her real mother to khushi. the whole ipk thing of people not conventionally "related" but tied to each other in a relationship of the heart begins to be told.

wonderful second watch. highly emotional. late for work. 

my first thoughts on episode two. the full take is here...

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