Sunday, 2 August 2015

episode 174 the kiss has landed


a chat with my friend indu had us talking at length about the poolside kiss:
he did mark her... he took her as it were. no more playing with him, saying i worry for you one minute, then denying she does, then smiling too sweetly at nk, he can take many things, he is tough and strong and yet, this feeling for this girl... it possesses him though he doesn't know why... not yet at least. just a throb in his body, a desire in his mind, a wish in his hands to get her, now. no way is she allowed to think of any man but him. smile at another? arnav singh raizada ko kissi ladki se koi faraq nahin padta... and yet.

oh the game this feeling plays with him... till he must play it with her... why are you so scared? he asks. was a part in him scared too, which he would of course not ever see... such a powerful fundamental feeling, has he ever had it for a girl? for anyone?

the extremely subtle and superbly sensuous play of love and desire by the pool, heady. he had come knowing he would do something right there to let her know she was his and no one else's. he was calm and cool on the surface, like the water, underneath was turbulence. he expressed it through an amused seeming indifference, a touch of arrogance, but everything said he believed he owned her.

maybe that's why she had to make a bid for her independence again. she can do everything by herself, she needs no one. who was she really trying to convince? there was upheaval in her too ever since that moment he had taken her hand and given her the ear ring, ever since that "hi"... in fact for a long long time she had been in a state of unrest... she had tried her best to cope but with that teri meri the evening before how the dhakdhaks had come screaming back only to be raised to a new pitch with his opening of her hair, his stalking, his intimate touch in a room where they were all by themselves, no audience present. she had persevered to remain calm, but how was it possible... especially when he wouldn't leave her alone...

and how she had worried for him, layers of dormant feelings had raised there head, maybe she had even wondered how she'd live if anything had happened to him... she had fretted so, then he had come and instantly confused and aroused her with his incredible masculine charge... bearing down on her, asking her difficult questions, she had escaped, but not for long

he'd come to the kitchen and asked her about the call...

completely frazzled by her own feelings and his intoxication, trying not to give in, she had concentrated on nk.

little did she know, that would arouse something. an all male territorial instinct. my girl.

now by the little pool where reflections played and much happened, his brown sure arm had appeared suddenly by her ivory skin as she tried to reach a precious thing too far away, a funny hint of a metaphor i thought.

but right now it occurred to me, it had also a curious cadence with that teri meri moment when his arm held hers and slid over her navel... brown and ivory and flowing green that time, now with a touch of playful unreined blue.

somehow you knew something would happen there. it was in his eyes. it was in her fretting.

with or without the shart, khushi kumari gupta would get taken right there right then.

kisses on the lips are considered sensuous, more sexual... but that slow targeted movement of his head, a little bent, eyes gleaming then closing, that almost delicate landing on the highest point of her cheekbone, that leisurely claiming touching of knowing lips to virginal supple skin, the sound of a kiss, the widening of a pair of eyes, the drawing away of a head, then a pause, eyes closed, lips lost in a smile... no kiss on the lips on screen has left me in a slightly crazy state wanting to describe every single aspect of it... even the air that was around them i wanted to know how it wafted. did her ears go hot? did he get a little confused by the feelings that coursed through him? a little taken himself? and the touch of the kiss, its warmth, its wetness, the cool on the skin as a kiss ends and the contact is broken? did she feel his breath right beside the kiss? was he surprised by the tautness of her skin?

all along, coiled in his hand her dupatta... then it breaks free as he lets go. no need perhaps to hold any more... she is his. and even now he has no real idea how much he is hers. the sublime power play of love and desire in its most intoxicating rendition.

how the h did they do this.


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