Tuesday, 25 August 2015

a hero and a heroine

in the arab world, wherever mbc bollywood reaches, the season two of iss pyaar ko has just started. iss pyaar ko had no seasons. looks like episode 246... suicide... onward, it's being presented as another season. not a favourite episode and yet some phenomenal acting in it. moments that stick in the mind. the show has been a huge success even though it's dubbed. doesn't surprise me, it's that kind of show.

barun is in dubai as part of the promotions i guess, he's looking wonderful and very reminiscent of asr. after a long time the hair is cut, combed, the stubble perfectly shaved, dapper suit instead of casuals, even a pocket square at times, and a certain air that's just maddeningly gorgeous. hollywoodish i keep thinking.

and sanaya is doing her thing in jhalak 8. so good as charlie chaplin just the other day. she always had a way with the funny stuff. strange, i thought, she too in a hollywood great mode, being charlie.
these two have brought me so much fun and joy and sleepless nights, either watching youtube in a loop or agonising over story going awry. how could she... how could he... etc., many conversations with myself.

these are two fine actors. today i missed them keenly. good to see both looking so engaged. the future, tomorrow, words like that flying through my head. they were my hero and heroine for a year and a half, every weeknight, some saturdays too, there never will be such supreme pagalpan again.

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