Sunday, 2 August 2015

what's in a kiss

kisses on the lips are considered sensuous, more sexual... but that slow targeted movement of his head, a little bent, eyes gleaming then closing, that almost delicate landing on the highest point of her cheekbone, that leisurely claiming, touching of knowing lips to virginal supple skin, the sound of a kiss, the widening of a pair of eyes, the drawing away of a head, then a pause, eyes closed, lips lost in a smile... no kiss on the lips on screen has left me in a slightly crazy state wanting to describe every single aspect of it... even the air that was around them i wanted to know how it wafted. did her ears go hot? did he get a little confused by the feelings that coursed through him? a little taken himself? and the touch of the kiss, its warmth, its wetness, the cool on the skin as a kiss ends and the contact is broken? did she feel his breath right beside the kiss? was he surprised by the tautness of her skin?


  1. I read the heading lagi shart episodes and almost fainted in excitement.. just realized after this kiss its almost 150 episodes later that we get another.. the creators are almost as bad of a tease as laad governor himself.

  2. ha ha ha ha dead right you are, this laad giov is a real bhi na... thanks so much for dropping by. am stacking episodes under different headings in keeping with stage in story, happy to hear of fainting. see ya.