Saturday, 1 August 2015

episode 14 good guy bad guy

good guy. "bilkul bhagwan saroop."

bad guy. "burey ke saath bura banna padta hai."

lovely episode. deliciously topsy turvy ipk. scenes segueing seamlessly one to the other. an intensity darkening. what is devi maiyya's wish who knows.

episode 14

he was sweet, he was kind, he protected her from  goons, got her a job, clearly he liked her, at this point there was no way of knowing he wasn't who he said he was. yet. yet, from the first scene onward, something about shyam gave me the creeps. something was not right, it didn't sit. was this the deliberate directorial touches of the flashy bracelet (which i much later realised was inspired by salman khan's bracelet in some movie) and the freaky background music, or was it abhaas interpreting his character with finesse, no idea. maybe both. maybe he made the smile a little too sweet and that didn't feel ok, but in his eyes on that first day they met and she turned back to look at him, there certainly was a genuine emotion. perhaps for a moment he did indeed fall in love, only to realise later it's too late, so he got devising the nonsense he did. interesting character, just wants to get what he wants, in that he is like asr, only his means are always crooked, immoral, shortcut, easy without putting in the necessary effort. unlike asr.

asr was at his nasty best. he was arrogant, peremptory when the phuara, sorry issprinkles, started. what a scathing look at lavanya whom he was actually dating at that point, and how meek she is before his anger, quite unlike someone we know. again great understanding and contrasting of character. he stomped off in rage, threw the ber girl's lunch onto the floor, raved at her, insulted her and implied she was trying to find her way to his home like a sick gold digger, mocked her intentions of returning his money, finally ripped her dupatta and drove off. yet, he just felt clean, real, not a single slimy streak in him, and when he said to her, look don't mess with me today, i really felt sorry for the monster. i could feel his sense of gah what a bad day; his immense effort to create his business and the seething within at seeing such a stupid thing as sprinklers going off completely spoil his bid for a big one. the entire episode was threaded so well, dialogues and references leading seamlessly to scenes. the cruelest bridge was him saying, nothing ever goes wrong at ar, everything happens the way it should to the client, and the alarm going off followed by drenching. of course, while i was gasping for breath at the first bheegi bheegi barun, i did feel really bad for asr.

his dark brooding look at her, there was something in those eyes. a crazy awareness, like he wants to just look some more. his body language around her is getting more defined. she is not like any and everyone else to him. with lavanya he doesn't have that aroused, attracted feel, and that's his girl friend. but around this girl, quirky, weird, bizarrely dressed where he comes from, his antennae are up. 

she too is a different person in his company. it registers in the way she tenses up then proceeds to say whatever comes to her head, and usually ends up not getting the last word. this has started to bother her. she asks her constant companion, almost her alter ego, devi maiyya, what's it with this perennial losing to this fellow.

beginnings of animal attraction, so precious. impossible to describe. you can only feel it. this happens on screen very rarely, where two people have been shot often separately to convey this unspoken thing. takes two actors and a strange thing called chemistry to get it right. so right that you can't think of anything else, even when you see them far apart from each other, cursing and hissing their desire, you keep wondering about them the whole day, and a pair of angry, roiled, flickering eyes never leave you in peace, nor the little signs of tension in the sunniest of faces, a look in her eyes when a stranger rips her dupatta, her protective veil, to almost invade her soul, wondering what's going on.

after that car park scene one needed the spot of delightful comedy provided by pam, sim, chamkili, and the doting sister clinging to bro to just ease off a bit. and seeing him in black, dapper, less angry, gorgeous but not wet helped me regain my heartbeat.


i couldn't stop making caps or editing. now posting at 2.11am. 

 reminds me so much of a scene by the poolside in 174, just before "lagi shart?" in husky tone.


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