Sunday, 30 August 2015

episode 16 drop off

this time i just heard the music. usually, i am shocked and really upset during this scene and as he lets her go, a part of me can't help but hate him. how could he? and till date despite all the love he felt for a her later, this scene showed a side of arnav singh raizada i couldn't quite resolve. 

but suddenly today i was entranced by the delicate, searching, romantic notes that made an appearance, bridging gracefully from the dramatic piece earlier, as all sorts of heightening emotions rose in the those moments when he'd advanced toward her, saying it wasn't so easy to simply walk out and she careened backward, a bit scared, utterly taken aback, still trying to process that she had actually acquired asr as her boss. poor girl.

raju singh wrote memorable music for ipk and the directors were unerring in their choice of back ground score through out the series. i will never forget the introduction of the new rabba vey on the cataclysmic scene on the terrace after he tells her, he knows she was having an affair with shyam. smooth, emotion roiling contrapuntal sound. plays with every bit of you.

here this lilting signature tune, it took me to the emotions beyond the ones expressed, to that call they felt within, without thought or understanding, something that pulled them toward each other. it's easy to say they hated each other but deep inside they were attracted and were meant to love each other.

there i said it. but to actually express it. that too in keeping with the characters. and the tone of story. that's something. without losing lightness and a sense of sexy romance, ipk meandered easily into depth, beyond the surface, and touched exulting love in practically all its layers. that's what makes me want to watch again and again. in this everyone contributed, but what the actors did was just plain magic. there was always more in the expression, something beyond, i wonder where barun sobti and sanaya irani pulled it out from. 

paint spattered, humiliated was she. and a triumphant he. it's an unfair world.

all this time, because i was angry, i never heard lavanya say that he knew the boxes were there. but that didn't absolve him. lavanya showed glimpses of a girl within when she said as much. just as she had done a while back when she handed khushi a thousand rupees brusquely, but saving the situation. a not very resolved, apparently shallow girl with streaks of goodness, now completely under the spell of asr, willing to do anything to get him, even eat eggs and break into a rash. lavanya was always real. never a "vamp" in my eyes. loads of potential to evolve and the strength to do it. maybe in ipk 2 we'll see what happened to her as she came into her own?

khushi was not going to let it go. character before all... scared but not giving up. she stomps into the conference room and faces the demon. this was something he'd least expected. perhaps, for the first time, a little feeling in him that this girl was not like the others. a stir of excitement maybe? for he clearly tested her as he walked toward her. looking down at her her feet. what would she do?

khushi walked forward. the very first time. three times before she hadn't been able to resist the sense of threat, but this time she stood her ground. 

and advanced. 

i had a sense this made all the difference to what he told her next. and so, despite the letting go of her hand and all those insults, he just tied her right back to him. of course, both completely unaware why they were doing it. i mean, would you walk back to a guy who has dropped you from an upper floor and say, i insist on not leaving because i want to prove that i can earn the right way and i will return that money i owe you?  

love has weird starting notes. only their inner beings knew that actually a sweet romance was playing all through. 

and on the other side of delhi, but it really might have been another planet... out in the open, a crowded marketplace, far from the wealth and glam of ar office, on a completely different note, two lovers met for the very first time.

gentle, loving payal who had a mind of her own looked into the eyes of so sweet, tender akash who liked to see people happy. in his bespectacled gaze came hints of "kuch kuch hota hai." what a beautifully crafted contrast to the clash of the titans before. and could this first meeting have been any more different from that of the other pair? i so wish this romance had been given the attention it deserved for there was potential here. both strong actors, and in the beginning, both well etched characters. the strange things that they went through later, who will ever understand.

the attention to detail: akash leaves his jacket in the car before stepping off onto the crowded streets, the colourful dupattas and bright ferris wheels dancing in the wind, little touches that added to the mood and the setting. nice.

i was proud of khushi for going from hurt, horrified, humiliated to this:

looking forward to tonight's episode. again, major salaams to music and its use in ipk. i so wish they would do a cd set and a dvd box set. 

okay, can't think.

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