Monday, 31 August 2015

episode 18 khushi's bros

"ye chappal hai ya padosi ka kutta... jab dekho kat.ta rahta hai." is this a slipper or the neighbour's dog... bites me all the time.

this khushi is the one i lau. 

and such a nice opening on tu hi bata; four people, young, with their own dreams hopes desires fears sadness, on a balmy evening of breeze and some showers. beautiful break from all the helter skelter of life.

tu hi bata mere maula, tu hi bata mere rabba     


 lovely episode. khushi finds long lost brothers. :)

she really brought out the worst in him, didn't she? something about her was just too much to take. he was of course unused to defiance and anyone meeting him straight in the eye and taking him on. but it was not only that, it never was. how delightful this meanness of the man. he has sized her up, he knows she can't win this challenge, laughter bursting inside him. 
buffy (the one that slayed vampires)

but he doesn't know madam. she ain't budgin'. then one look at the ganjeedhari hunks and madam's hawa is phus. "khushi kumari gupta!" he calls out for the first time, and again offers her escape. what? never. off trots the vampire slayer into the den of men, armed with measuring tape, dhaga, and a sweet sisterly spiel. how wily she is in choosing THE ONE.  wouldn't you say the second one from the right had some chance of being hero, poor boy. 

you know, this khushi in those awful clothes, funny choti, mojri, not too bothered with her looks, truly sanka, that's the one i'll never forget. she said she will do and not die if she fails, but do some more. attitude. 

what did she say: zalim zamaane ki chhoti behen dushman duniya? wicked world's younger sis unkind universe (i went for the alliteration rather than exact meaning in my translation). where did they take all her wondrous dialogues and hide them? she was weird, crazy, sometimes very passionate and idealistic, but never foolish.


 love shows another colour the other side of episode. sweet akash sits clutching chutney pink dupatta, smiling vacantly, day dreaming about "her". only akash could be this silly and not invite a tight slap from me. of course, appeasing sharp cookie mano is another thing. what a deadly scrutiny by motherwa. no falling in love, no letting go of power over bitwa. aw she wore a georgette i think, just this once a break to the gold adorned banarsis, paithanis, et al. the contrast between the rakshas and his human cousin was always fun to watch. good acting, how rare, and how much i am missing it these days. hope akshay lands a nice role somewhere too. all ipk cast i felt had loads of talent. in this episode, the expression on payal's face when she remembers a marriage broken is just a small glimpse of deepali's range.


"aap mujhe bana rahe ho," you're pulling my leg, easier to make a couture dress out of that dupatta, bhai. anjali, laughing, joking, sweetly interfering, happy. no damn idea what's happening in her life. in that context, her belief that "banaaoing" her is not easy is sort of sad, almost cruel.

stories in many lives are taking shape through dialogues, meetings, layer by layer. shyam has come to stay at bua ji's. bua ji makes the biggest mistake of her life carried away by affinity to a city and one act of kindness from a total stranger. he manipulates her innocent trust, perhaps there was a hint of a mother who never had children, specially a son, in that unquestioning trust she gives him. a lonely old widow that yearned for a son to turn to, just what shyam knows what to do with. he fooled everyone, even asr. but just look at payal here, some antenna up. she is not buying into him and his story. will watch keenly to see if she ever got taken in completely. 

 what a girl moment

this scene has a relationship, an intimacy, a freedom, and a sense of happiness that's just lovely and lifelike. never had a sister, but that fall back into bed and day dream with a person close to your heart... a girl... with whom you can speak of your deepest fantasy... nice. in a way that's what i'm doing half the time here with all of you.

might be an oft used technique: the slow dissolve across faces of similar magnification, but in this instance was apt. my eyes paused and so did my hand on the mouse. look at her merging into him almost. laughing, free, windblown. while he, silent, inert, intense, looking upward, thinking of his mother? so many layers and connections i felt here. in another universe where lovers meet, you don't see with just your eyes, your spirit observes things the eye never caught.

the happy virus
i caught the happy virus last night
when i was out singing beneath the stars.
it is remarkably contagious -
so kiss me.
~~~ hafiz ~~~

had so much fun watching then wondering about this episode.


"kabhi kabhi to nahin par abhi abhi mere dil mein yeh khayal aaya hai,
ki kash tumhara job mera hota" hyuk hyuk.

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