Friday, 8 April 2016

are you okay, asr?... ek jashn episode 5

braved jashn 5 just now. fell for this man and this woman.

did asr just smile and say colours look nice in... voice soft and dreamy... rangoli? okay alien abduction going smoothly. then he referred to khushi as madam and sweetly recalled her suicide bid... madam? asr, tum theek ho? asr, tum tum ho? and we actually have to remember that traumatic scene, most irresponsibly and meaninglessly devised and most brilliantly enacted? why? so on his anniversary, he recalls this and that too with a smile. asr, paglay gaye ho kya, nand kissore. gosh you gorgeous man, look what they've done to you... never mind, i skipped. your handwriting has become boring and readable... have you too? and really, barun, you are too good an actor to not know this is not really happening. but i had told myself i can do this. i did... with enough and more skipping. looking forward to my favourite ladki next episode, the one bhith the phonewa.



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