Friday, 8 April 2016

missed you... ek jashn episodes 6/7

brave indi saw 6 and 7 and all i can say is that i missed you too.

and khushi, when did you change so much that you began to be almost petty over such minor things. and yes, asr, you feel a little more like yourself when you are around khushi...
i so wish something really unexpected and lovely were shown to me after this long long gap... like that first meeting of yours...or the second, the third, or that guesthouse, or that girl under the desk... you were about a dream, a suddenly sucked in breath, a tremor in my stomach, a flaring of goosebump across my upper arms, a sudden heat in my ear lobes. you were not about mundane things like dates and the usual pouty ladki, indulgent regretful ladka.. that was for the rest of the world, you were never tainted by that. you ripped doris, you scowled, you poured juice in shoes, mango because orange wasn't available, you yelled and shouted, you aap shut upped, you raged and then you just felt tenderness ride your heart, you said gadbad, you wondered why hum theek nahin hai, you knew you had to meet the laad governor one more time since you hated him. you dragged a girl to the temple and you loved her more than you loved yourself, you fought and it looked like a dance, you danced and it looked like love being made slowly, you were funny and it felt sexy, you were angry and i felt your heart. you were two people who met no one knows why and you became part of each other's breath, not just a man and a woman, but that khadoos arnav singh raizada and sanka devi khushi kumari gupta. you were more than anything else not like anyone else. dates were not important, how badly both your birthdays went, but these small things didn't matter, koi matlab nahin. and now that is all that matters. life is strange, isn't it, asr? isn't it, khushi? ajeeb... if only i hadn't turned one night and seen you on the screen, a man in grey from the back, walking toward a woman in red. she kept walking back, he moved forward. stay there... stay safe.



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