Thursday, 28 April 2016

episode 378 a boy lost

"stoopid promise tumhe karna hi nahin chahiye tha!"

you shouldn't have made that stupid promise

"sheetal, tum usse bata kyun nahin deti ki usska dad kaun hai!"
sheetal, why don't you tell him who is his dad!

"yeh sab karne pe kyun majboor kar rahi ho usse?"
why're you forcing him to do all this?

a five year old boy went to school and no one went with him to the bus. yet everyone said all the right things to his mother about his need for his father. nani ji was even very understanding and supportive of a working mother. there were too many colours in the frame, lots of green and sheetal's bright pink. i felt disoriented really, a sense of nothing coming together in the visual, in the sound track.

aarav is only five? is it possible to even remotely believe this? the age obviously has been calculated backward, a retrofitted story here. if aarav is nine or ten as he most likely is, then if we have to believe the asr is dad story, asr would have to be in college at least ten years ago, which would make him 30 if not thirty-one years old, if aarav was born after he'd finished college.

tough, really, when you suddenly come up with a story without thinking of the consequences.

a boy ran away and went to a restaurant to wait for his father. the story is full of holes. including the fact that later aarav will say, he was told asr was his father. and this will happen just four or five episodes down... perhaps a sign of how quickly the storyline was being altered to suit what or whom who knows.

disorienting. really.

and yet, as asr got completely tense and focused on finding aarav, as he spoke brusquely to sheetal, and seemed to take over, did i sense an underlying story? which again, if developed, could have taken us places, like khushi's insecurity?

did i see a grown man begin to sense the heart and gut of a child? because he had been there before? because at one level he was always there? a boy lost?

what really happens when you can call out to your maa but never to your pita ji, your father? because he betrayed you. because he wasn't there really, even though he was there in flesh. how vulnerable and broken does that make you? is it ever possible to completely mend it? maybe whenever you hear of or see a child in trouble, you who's not even fond of children, feel an ancient tug, an innate call to go fix the problem. make things okay. be the father you wish you had.

and you feel their pain, the empathy is absolute. you know they search for themselves really when they look for their father. as you had perhaps. it becomes a question of your identity. even your rejection of any similarity with him, seems to speak of it. that desperate delve into the self to find out who am i? who am i really? main sahi hoon... you can't be galat. you can't be like the man who made you... nothing of him must you have in yourself. your gussa must not be compared with his. your identity perforce must be separate, a hundred and eighty degrees on the other side of nature from your pita ji's.

this theme of identity... was it always flowing in a not always visible layer in ipk? asr's rejection of his father's family name... "ab main sirf raizada hoon, arnav singh raizada..." in episode one, reverberates in my mind. especially as i see him go a little berserk looking for aarav.

perhaps, the intrinsic themes of ipk kept leading writers to their new ideas, but no one had the time or interest any longer to articulate them with depth, give definition, steer us through the crescendoes of feelings, the climaxes that reached an end point of a theme, embed a sense of culmination and release.

all the while the search went on, khushi's fear and trepidation grew. she became entrenched in her fear unleashed position of the outsider. asr seemed to be detached from everything, just connected to the call of a child.

i again wished, someone had bothered to tell the tale well. there was something there.

while on the issue of identity, the suv seems to be feeling lost too... every day a new number plate, a new grille guard... or maybe it's a new suv again? gaur se dekhiye, please... the suv of 366 (below) and the one here (above)... so alike, yet not the same... twins separated at birth? or is it, looking at the number of white suvs that the tycoon seems to have, a mission by him to reconnect a family of suvs torn asunder by tragedy? even if so, how does he manage to get the same registration number for different cars... oh sorry, he is a delhi tycoon with paisa and power, he can do anything that he desires. if there can be two people with the unique name asr, why not two suvs with a unique registration number? maybe i need to hide in a refrigerator now and what's this with everyone hiding in cupboards all the time? another deep mysterious symbol of something that must be analysed? LOL



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