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episode 371 poolside and an almost

asr sits in the hall watching football.

the moment khushi meets a kid who is somewhat like arnav ji in his ways and has diabetes and whose mother once was arnav ji's saheli, she decides this just might be his son.

so is that how much khushi loves arnav ji?

and is that really the grim man who has no time for anything but work?

can a woman from a small town meet a man from the big city when she by accident lands up on the catwalk of his show and falls into his arms after tripping on a dupatta?

may seem a little far fetched, but stranger things have happened and many future lovers meet in the unlikeliest of circumstances... so yes, this might happen.

but after that meeting and going through everything they have, would khushi instantly jump to a suspicion like this.. completely doubting her arnav ji? this is just unreal.

and so i am having a huge problem with this whole thing. and then in the middle of it all akash coos, "aisa nahin lag raha ki bhai ke bajoo mein junior bhai baithe hain?"

doesn't it look as if junior bhai is sitting next to bhai?

first, since when has akash become so gooey? and second, how many obvious dialogues are needed to get us to the point.. we get it.

i am beginning to get really uncomfortable now.

this is preposterous. it was never the sheetal track as we keep calling it... it was asr's son track.. asr's lack of morality track... asr's extreme irresponsibility track... asr might be like his pita ji track... it was pretty sick really.

and it was such a terrible blow to two characters and a story and a romance built with love and interest and care even while keeping the commercial aspects in mind.

i am suddenly angry.

a bizarre good and bad khushi talk ensues, then an invitation... she wants sheetal and her son to stay with them so she can find out if her suspicion is justified.

i can't believe this is happening. there is a wilful violence almost in this act.

several months ago on a terrace asr had jumped to a conclusion and acted in a manner we all knew was not correct. but we also knew, they had barely started their relationship... he had just begun to feel something, or rather identify it as "faraq" though he had felt stuff for a while now. he didn't know her too well and there was that uncertainty and tremulousness of the first days of faraq. his heart had shattered at what he saw... or thought he saw.

plus there was his love for his sister and the roiling caused by the fact that the man involved was none other than a man he trusted and his sister adored, his jija ji.

even then, his action was in essence not right. though we felt him suffer as well.

but now.

now khushi and asr are at a different point in their lives. love apart, trust has been given and earned.

so how can khushi even begin to think like that? i can understand her being jealous of sheetal, his ex girl friend... but this is not about that really is it? she is convinced asr is aarav's father... she has somewhere decided this and is doing an investigation that will work to prove her hypothesis.

how could writers even think of this idea?

so what is the value of trust then in a relationship? and this was not just any relationship... it was one built through much and valued by many. it had  something real in it. honest.

that is badly blighted now.

and anyway, khushi is not mad. though that is how writers are presenting her.

the whole setting up of the question... is asr aarav's father... is done in the most childish and silly fashion. every member of the family is tasked with saying how the two are similar... mami and akash actually say aarav is like his son.

even nani is made to say foolish things... he eats toast just like chhotey.


and so we see how poor khushi has no option. she had a little trepidation upon seeing the similarities but now that everyone is talking about it, she poor girl is being almost pushed into giving this thought credence.

sorry, this doesn't work... by showing khushi behaving in this fashion, no matter how many potlifuls of cuteness you may throw in, you are actually marring her character.

no, sorry writers and directors, just because you showed so called funny things and played funny music, this thing didn't become right. and as i said, you didn't absolve khushi of responsibility by making her act cute and behave like she has no mind of her own.

this is khushi... dammit.

and that is arnav ji.

she does not suspect him of being a kid's father just like that.

if she does, this love story starts suffering terribly. make sheetal chudail and you have a winner maybe, but go down this path and you hurt something precious.

thanks to mano darling we get to know sheetal is a single mother exactly as asr had thought and without being melodramatic or judgmental...

his anger feels clean...

her lack of faith in him, just not right.

somehow this suspecting asr feels more terrible to me than even the madness of the shadi karni hogi night.

at the poolside, i like what he says about why he doesn't want sheetal living with them. he spells it out, she is his ex gf... what was the need for this, she could have stayed in a hotel.

in an effort to make her understand, the so cute, "pehle pehle jab nk tumhe bahut attention diya karta tha toh main jealous feel karta tha..."

in the beginning when nk used to pay you too much attention i used to feel jealous.

yeah, the back of the head, instinctive possessive jealousy you feel for someone you consider yours, i can imagine him feeling that. not because he thinks nk is a potential threat... just that, she's out of bounds. territorial alpha male kahinke.

"bahut awkward ho jaayga..." it'll become very awkward... he is right.

then seeing her face, he thinks it's all to do with khushi's caring nature... she felt bad to hear aarav has diabetes. he only sees her best side... which i would think is natural... he used to "tum jaisi ladki" her all the time, but now he knows better...

khushi rests her head on his shoulder indicating she is feeling bad for aarav and arnav ji has read her right but all along she is scheming and wondering how to get it out of him... that they slept together. had sex.

because it was barun and sanaya i watched.

when she asks him what he did with sheetal, he asked, "matlab?"


loved that reply and look. as she kept pushing, the exasperated, "what's the matter with you!"

the interrogation was relentless and flummoxing. finally he deadpanned, "gadi mein hum football khelte the..." we used to play football in the car.

he knew she was asking something else, he just didn't know what, "khushi, what's the matter with you.. kya poochhna chah rahi ho tum?"

khushi, what's the matter with you? what do you want to ask?

at last she almost asked at the spot where they once almost kissed "kya sheetal ji aur aap ne..." did you and sheetal...

what's that cheesy yeah yeah music, i am thinking. raju singh? surely not.

"akele mein... jalebiya?"

all by yourself... khushi ventured, then balked and pulled in her saviour... jalebi.

he got it.

or maybe not.

he cut in with that totally killer, no, he hasn't had jalebi with anyone but her.

it was hard to watch the episode. it was telecast first on 24 october 2012, on a wednesday, there's a filler quality to it. the same thing being repeated again and again.



fangurl edit.


am i imagining it or does kamlesh khabri ji also have a body double?

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