Thursday, 28 April 2016

episode 370 baankelal ji vs arnav ji


"aap bhi na, baankelal ji! bade woh ho..."

oh you, baankelal ji, you're very... that. (some things just can't be translated, LOL )

paanwale all set to le jao jalebiya. is arnav ji prepared for battle?
meet khushi ji and her purana chakkar.

but why did khushi ji prefer arnav ji over baankelal ji?

could it be because apart from suddenly discovering that his lean mean hotness and dark penetrating brown eyed stares/glares revved her from haule haule to dhak dhak in no time, khushi ji also felt arnav ji regarded her as something almost no one ever did?

he leveled with her and looked upon her as a person.

not bitiya, bahuriya, behena, biwi... but as that what he always called her.


usska ek naam hai. she has a name, he'd snapped once. and he also refused to let her hide behind any "role" as such, especially that of the "good girl." always challenging her, pushing her, almost goading her to find out more about who she was, be everything she could be.

oh it wasn't always rosy and pretty...
aap bhi na, arnav ji! bade what the ho.

he was nasty as hell, a miracle she withstood that in your face, male, mocking, most obnoxious behaviour. but she did. and he had to notice the rhythm of his heart, his longing, his faraq. even while he plied her with, alas, not juicy meetha paan...

but fresh sweet red and bleeding heartache that, sitting in his nukkad in shantivan, only he could make so perfectly... especially that "shadi kar raha hai" and "shadi karni hogi" with the added flavour of "koi matlab nahin" and "faraq padta ha kyunki."

oh he found in chhai maheene, six months, more than barah tareeke ke, twelve kinds of, heartache. after this marathon wooing, khushi ji had to say no to her purana chakkar "moochhon se bhara chehra" and accept the perfect stubble as her pati on whom she had huq.

in the meantime the story became "meant nothing" to the story tellers.

yet arnav ji and khushi ji never forgot their rangeen kal, colourful yesterday. when i see certain scenes from what's coming up, i still sigh and reach for a paan. this one here was so perfect amid the sheetal slush. that fight between them at diwali: takes akal, himmat, and confidence which you don't have... i know it's designed to take us to mrs india ugh, but arnav ji and khushi ji couldn't care less, they were being absolute lovers. delightful.

she found him a new name beginning with k too. kurram khan.

on karwa chauth the tycoon gave her, no not diamonds, but a company, just in case he isn't around she must never have to depend on anyone. he called her the coolest person he knew and meant it. she fretted about being fat, he said she was... and then said put on some more weight... there were many times i wanted to cry or laugh or giggle the way i always had at ipk and moments where i could see the relationship clearly grow, both these cool people finding their way into a chakkar that is forever.

jalebi making became a metaphor for something no paan could ever hope to be.

i am so glad khushi ji chose arnav ji, maybe baankelal ji will have some time for me now.


there was something about the way he felt for her, saw her, wanted her. a specific arnav singh raizadaness to it. when she was worried sick about sheetal, and said very clearly even the kid bothers her, i had hoped they'd delve into how khushi needs and wants her arnav ji. not just in that prescribed way of the good wife, but in the way only khushi can want him... the girl who called him laad governor, the man who made her feel things she never thought she would. i enjoyed her getting a bit sick with jealousy.

i enjoyed the baankelal interlude with khushi in top filmi form even though yeah, again the writer denigrated her with a story involving a paanwala which is patently not possible, khushi is capable of concocting a fairly believable tale... sanaya made the scene work.

what i thought felt like khushi is the way she handled her unease. she had to talk gibberish possibly just to deal with that rage of jealousy. i honestly find sheetal unbearable, so the scenes with her close to asr bothers me as much as it upsets khushi, har baar, really. her snarly "meant nothing" comeback was nice, her seething, i too am very "cool" made me grin... honestly, he was acting too tra la about that girlfriend boyfriend thing (okay, i know asr never had a gf, but still)... 

so yes, this scene had something about it.

and yet, there was a meh feeling as i watched the episode. i could sense there was no real story here, just time pass. i wonder even now why sheesh mahal was never returned to.


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