Friday, 1 April 2016

episode 357 the plot thickens, sigh

the only thing that felt real in the episode was arnav singh raizada's mad bad gussa. he lunged for shyam's throat without weighing the pros and cons. as he should. as he would. and really, what pros and cons? surely not the things that a curiously vascillating khushi enumerated...

how there was no saboot, no proof. how shyam ji was very clever. how he'd get away with it all if they went to the police... asr would know that, no need to tell him this repeatedly. the man is not stupid... why is it that to make a woman character look powerful or strong or intelligent, a male character must be diminished? can't we have two intelligent people in any equation? and really, if khushi isn't the master plotter of this vanquishing of the key villain, will hindi soapdom go into decline? suddenly, the man with the dimaag is clueless and the girl with the dil is curiously insensitive.

and so this extremely copied from several movies plan gets going. major action and drama. his whole idea of repeating the same things that shyam had done to bring about the miscarriage, so reminds me of some film i've seen. could it be karz?

okay, even if the idea wasn't original, the execution could have been more believable. subtle, interesting. things not unexpected in ipk.

but here a feeling of hamming and hamhandedness. such overacting. please, abhaas, take a break.

and khushi... that theatrical, disturbing change, the vascillation i mentioned earlier, one moment pleased as can be with her plan and the next full of concern for arnav ji. both completely off. unconvincing.

and really, in a situation like this would khushi be clapping her hands with glee at the success of her ploys? surely khushi is capable of sensitivity.

of course she is. but this is mainstream 8pm drama, whole family watches, so it must look happy and bright, even if in bits, the comic element you see. and so this jigged kkgsr.

when i see the last fifty odd episodes, which i call "meant nothing episodes," i keep thinking, could the writers have found a better solution... or the director... or even the actors?

i know abhaas wants out, so the shyam denouement is high on priority. in itself not a problem, just that this whole thing being reduced to a campy, overblown show with clumsy theatrics is confounding and pretty difficult to take.

where is polished storytelling?

heck, where is polish?

other than in an angry pair of eyes.

or even here, got to say, totally cute that bad acting, "main dawai nahin khaaonga!" shan't take the medicine.

and that, i can act better than you thing.

khushi manipulating laad governor with overly achhi bahu know allness... where is mano, i need to be rescued.


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